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for Pheromones of the Kitsune

8/1 c4 WhateverPlus
I like this chapter, continue please.
7/29 c4 9Dragon Man 180
I'm actually interested to see how Kiba and Akamaru turn out learning from Gai instead of Tenten and how Tenten will be able to blend genjutsu with her weapons under Kurenai.

I hope Hinata and Naruko get along so Hinata can get used to sharing Naruto with other girls.
7/28 c4 Neo Infinity
Thanks for the great chapter I’m glad you introduced Tenten already although I’m kinda mad Shino was sacrificed, I’m expecting he will tell her about his family affair or talk to the girls first before accepting hina feelings, some stories putt naruto in five men team with three girls and during the forest test he’s giving two same scrolls to balance the challenge, this is a good idea if you decided to add new girl or add Naruko as temporary member since team 7 is DEFINITELY not ready.
7/28 c4 Primarx
thanks for the chapter. hope naruto's character will start changing soon. I think it's better to make shino younger or older instead of civilian. you can also make naruto take some counselling sessions with female yamanaka as a way to slowly change his character and to get closer with ino's mother.
7/28 c4 Re Lovely Lover
Good chapter.

Sad another Naruto story with Ichirakus being a thing but no actually Ichiraku. Bad enough Ayame gets heavily ignored but its sad when the characters go there yet it's as if Ayame and her dad dont exist.
7/28 c4 19redlox2
I am going for more hot Naruko scenes!

So question will someone like sasuke or KIBA try to hot on naruko (thinking she is hot, single and available ) only for her to
Violently react since she is loyal to naruto?
7/28 c4 NaruCrazy
Why would Mizuki be looking for Hinata? Even if Hiashi started a search for her, only Hyuga or maybe some Inuzuka would have been enough.
7/28 c4 PhoenixDragon90
Keep Up The Good Work!
Thanks For The Meal. .
Till Next Time!
Stay Safe.
7/28 c4 kage88
Was worth the waiting for, can not await for more
7/28 c3 kage88
can not await for more
7/28 c4 panjangya
Thanks for the update!
I love this chapter so much, their interaction , their feelings and romance is perfect
I hope naruto doesn't do something dumb like rejecting her confession or so, maybe keep their relationship in secret until he gains enough fame to court her officially.
And damn, mizuki finally arrived! Can't wait for your next chapter man...
7/28 c4 Uday Sra
Awesome. Please update soon
7/28 c4 Bigxjim
Ah thanks for the clarification and nice chapter as always helps set the pace and tone for the next chapter now begs the question which way are we gonna see Naruto lean in this situation is he gonna take his beating or show that now since he’s a shinobi he’s not to be fucked with and having so his pheromones are only active when he’s aroused is a good concept that way he’s not constantly leaking it I fear the day he learns to weaponize his pheromones and create a “dick go hard Jutsu” haha till next time boss
7/19 c3 Nice
I know your going to add Sakura, Hinata, Naruko, Kushina and others. By chance will you add Ino, Tenten and Anko? Because these girls are my favorites.

P.s. what about Temari?
7/12 c3 Primarx
enjoyed reading it. though for kushina it would better to seal away her ability to have children imo considering narutoverse setting
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