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for The Tale of Lord Harlan Stark of Winterfell

9/9 c9 WearyCurmudgeon
Two things that I forgot.

House Barnell was introduced in "A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying" published by "Green Rhonin Publishing".

They originate due to Robert's Rebellion, are loyal to House Stark and their seat; Castle Grenward is located near the Green Fork at the northern end of the Trident, they'd be the ones interested in having a bridge of their own. (Used to belong to House Darry, but they lost half their lands due to supporting the Targeryans.)

Thus allowing you to stomp down on the Freys.

Lastly, you had Stannis think about Harry's involvement with curing Shireen. I think you might've left those scenes on the editting table and it's too important a plot point to gloss over.

Flashback to handle it?
9/8 c9 WearyCurmudgeon
- Armour
Have you considered updating Harry's armour from that leather/ring mail with some plate pieces to maybe a gambeson with goussets (Japanese Kikkō rather than mail?) as the under armour and brigandine (as brigandine leggings did exist to protect the thighs, as did brigandine gorgets for the neck), poleyn for the knees, couter for the elbows and greaves for the shins?

That should up his protection levels by quite a bit, even if it is a tad heavier.

Still lighter than plate armour though and should be roughly equivalent to a hauberk.

- Weaponry
Considering you have Harry trading with Essos, you may want to think about whether Yi Ti has managed to create a repeating crossbow like their Chinese counterparts did in RL.

For a defensive location like Moat Cailin it's a very useful weapon.

- Upgrades 1
You may want to consider upgrading Harry's fortress so that it can cover all four sides, not just the south.


Because if you make a canal between the Saltspear and White Knife you can make transit a lot quicker for merchants, even more so if you also dig a canal between Blazewater Bay and Ironman's Bay, so they can hug the coast and get to Seagard. (Would also require an upgrade of Flint's Finger.)

You'd need those rivergates (watergates?) mentioned in "Northern Winds" by "Sage1988" to help curb any Ironborn raids, but it would put pressure on the Frey's and their high tolls, which also jacks up the prices of food.

Because outside of making a deal with the Tully's to support the building of a bridge at, I think it was, Harroway town, there's no other real way to pressure them to lower their prices.

- Upgrades 2
Another project that Harry might want to consider is building a city on... not sure if the area is part of the Rills or the Stony Shore, but the western most river ending into Blazewater Bay, deepen those rivers and make interconnecting canals to the rivers leading to Torrhen's Square and Barrowton and you have another minor trading hub. Again, would need rivergates.

But might make a good holding for Bran. (Zhentil Keep or Yartar have designs that might be useful.)

And if Harry wants one for Rickon, and rebuilding the western Stark fleet. Than a city and shipyard at Sea Dragon point might be another option. (Another area which might allow for rice paddies.) Depending on the size of the hills, he could take inspiration from Krak des Chevaliers.

As that would be a hard nut for the Ironborn to crack.

- Back sheathe
Don't listen to the complaints about that.

"Shadiversity" over on YouTube has done videos on it. Initially thought it stupid, but came to the conclusion that yes, it is possible and isn't too unwieldy. Just requires the right type of sheathe setup, as the regular ones are far from optimal.

- Dual wielding
As for the arming sword, short sword combo. Again, feasible, depending upon the size of the short sword.

No different from using a main gauche with a Schiavona.

So again a complaint without merit in my eyes.
9/7 c9 Seawurm
Just found this story. I can't wait to see what happens next!
9/1 c2 Aire5
Love this fic so far very engaging and fun to read. n.n
8/30 c9 Bunny10345
Love this story! Please keep it going
8/28 c4 Poplar4073
Hmm, what about magic?
8/21 c1 AnnabethCarney
8/14 c1 atrelis
Great story so far! Moat Cailin is a good choice of keep for Harry and Jon to live in
8/5 c9 DracoKing30
Really love this story can't wait for new chapters
8/3 c9 slayer-dragon
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next
7/20 c9 Poseidon3000
Good fic
7/19 c2 1Dekiru Grindelwald
Plus using a short sword and a long sword is even more idiotic
7/6 c9 Stormborn
Great chapter
Hope to see more chapters soon
7/4 c9 mr1980rivera
Great story thank you for all your hard work on it may whatever God you believe and bless you
7/3 c9 Evin Reimer
love how this is going so far, please keep up the good work and cant wait for the next chapter
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