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5/10/2021 c1 1jascoe
yellow is sus
4/6/2021 c1 rockingchampif
A good beginning and ash starting his journey in sinnoh and leaving kanto all of a sudden havent seen any stories where ash starter is aron, this sounds like a promising start hope you will give ashs pokemon characters as well, cant wait for the next one .
4/6/2021 c1 Greycait
Huh... Style wise, this is already very nice. The build up, atmosphere and vibes are already engaging. Story wise, I'm very intrigued. What's driven them to flee Kanto and shelter in Sinnoh instead? Really looking forward to this :)
4/6/2021 c1 2Monxu Aki
Interesting set up! I don't think that I've read a fanfic where ash starts with an Aron, or even use one later on the story. And starting in sinnoh is an unusually thing to read also. Can't wait how this goes and what they were running for, something that Oak couldn't protect them, and something that Alakazam supressed/ereased from his memory? It's the feeling I had. Can't wait to find more of what happenet in Kanto and what will await him in Sinnoh!

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