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for A Whoreable Witness

5/3 c1 Amaure
These are the type of stories I love to read. I hope I can see your work in NovelStar. There are also a lot of talented writers in that platform. You may check their group on Facebook.
5/3 c1 Tiggy318
Loved it!
4/20 c1 Guest
Fun story! Always love Ranger and Steph laughing and having a great time and now she set the date to marry the gorgeous Ranger. Wonderful!
4/13 c1 daxandpat
Whoop Whoop, go girl. Gives Steph and Ranger enough time to decide who to invite but not long enough for people to bitch.
4/11 c1 5fallingyuki
Loved it.
4/10 c1 Kyr
Thank you for sharing.
4/8 c1 Guest
4/9 c1 Sonia Hdz Q
better do it before she change her mind heheh
4/7 c1 Retrdtchr
Can't stand the skank, who can?, but absolutely love the rest of the story. Perfect that it happens outside the Tasty Pastry. So in character of Stephanie to set a quick date-no fuss just straight to it! Thank you.
4/9 c1 63hippogriff-tamer
Love how Stephanie stepped into getting a ring on her finger and one upped Joyce. Also love Ranger and am not surprised that he had the ring on hand waiting for Stephanie. Thanks for sharing Would love to see the wedding ...
4/7 c1 6DimariS
Once again your fertile "pen" has provided us with a wonderful story - one with terrific symmetry. Tasty Pastry, the scene of her greatest public downfall, is now where she has her greatest public triumph over her greatest foe. Brava!
4/7 c1 3Vulcan Rider
Wonderful. I always love when Steph gets one up on Joyce, and having Ranger make the comment about 12 hours again, just like he did that night when he told her he was going to spend the next twelve hours ruining Stephanie for all other men... perfect.

Of course, the gold digger extraordinaire would know exactly what that ring was and how much it cost. I love that she got first glance at it and now has to live with the knowledge that Ranger was serious and that he had a ring ready for whenever Steph was ready to say yes. It's bad enough to get caught with someone else's husband, but to rub the wife (or ex-wife's) nose in it for years afterwards is so low class. Of course nobody would be crazy enough to say Joyce had class.

Loved it. Especially loved Steph's final comment about waiting for him 30 years and no sane reason to waste any more of her life. Perfect.
Maggie M.
4/7 c1 1jules3677
Not the most romantic proposal, as you wrote, Ranger is an opportunist. Bonus, Steph’s mother will be ironing the cleaning rags when she hears the date of the wedding.
4/7 c1 Buddy'sBabe
Good one
4/7 c1 3SparklyOaks
A crazily comical story... You created it well! I literally wait with baited breath for you to release your next story - however, I myself don't post my chapters with that fervor!
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