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for Della Duck's Utterly Fantastic Guide To Being The Best Mother Ever!

5/26 c6 2KitCat555
Nice :)
5/16 c5 KitCat555
Awesome :) "young Gordan Ramsey" had me crying
5/12 c4 Thetis17
Heyyy! Excellent work, I love your stories! I would like to see more of Donald and Della.. For example, Donald telling stories to Della about the time he was taking care of the boys or some sharing of childhood memories of the 2 ..
Anyway keep it up 3
5/12 c4 KitCat555
Hi, me again :) thanks for responding to me, like no one does that! I would love to see a bit more Louie and Della scenes (or Louie and Gladstone but I get that neither of those are your main focus for the story) if you could write some of those. I already know that it will be great no matter what comes up though so don't worry about that. See you in the next chapter!
5/9 c3 KitCat555
Hi, I just finished reading the first "book" of this and I loved it! I am so happy that you are writing this, I do have a quick question about it as well. In the first one it is said that Louie and Gladstone fell out and only Louie remembers why. I would love it if you could add some more onto that part of the story in one of the next chapters cause I have barely read any fanfics where Louie and Gladstone don't get on and I am very engrossed in how they fell out. Anyway, thanks for writing this, I can't wait for more!
4/10 c1 Ducktales Fan
Great chapter! Glad to see this back again!

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