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for Sunrise (Quentyn Martell SI)

3/23 c93 Jason16
Dude what the fuck!
3/22 c93 the only one original username
The whole affair seems strange. Targ dragons not searching an enemy army to destroy it in a field of fire beforehand. Dragons staying on land, to be more vulnerable? Quentyn not being protected by thousands strong Sunspear levies. Feels like a sudden and total fail. If Quentyn survives this, I will be doubly dissapointed. Also, Oberyn tanking 700 kilograms of charging horse with a shield... No idea why he could not tank pike and sword with his bare skin.
3/22 c93 25Karychela
Excelente... me encanta como resaltas una realidad del libro. Tarly es peligroso.
Yo creo (apuesto) a que Quentin será un prisionero, algo que equilibra los prisioneros. ¿O será Oberyn que vive? No creo, pero lo sabré entel siguiente capítulo.
Dorne tiene a Sansa
El Norte tiene a Arianne
Los Reachers tendrán ¿a un principe de Dorne?
Gracias por tu actualización.
3/19 c93 Guest
So the dragons were completely useless in the battle
3/19 c93 Guest
This chapter was just silly. It felt like the obligatory chapter in which things go wrong for the protagonist, just because, as if you haven't already given him enough Ls, even if not in battle.
You turned Jon in a Gary Stu (god's sake, you gave him a dragon, and victory after victory, an ironic decision from the guy who wrote a fic bashing another on the basis of badly written characters) just to give Quentyn and the Targaryen some opposition, there was no need for this chapter.
I really hope you completely change the perspective on this chapter events on the next one because this was just stupid.
And having Quentyn be captured will only make it worse.
3/21 c93 kageknuser2710
DAAAAAMN, this was unexpected! Really hope Quentyn's sword wasn't stolen though
3/20 c93 dabrakadabra
Well, it was epic!

It is not entirely clear why the dragons were guarding the flanks of the united army and not burning the Reach army during the day when there was clear visibility and the Reach army were on the march.
3/19 c93 4Sin Eclair
Great chapter as always. I'm curious about what's going to happen next. Obviously, Quentyn won't die at least not yet, but Oberyn (yeah it sucks that he died with so much regret.) If anything this should serve as a good lesson for Quent that war isn't a game. Yeah, you can play your Game of thrones but when shit hits the fan you have to be ready to take what's coming. He's young and inexperienced so it's understandable but he failed to take leadership in the critical moment of battle and like it or not he was a distraction to Oberyn who not only had to fight for his life but look out for Quentyn's at the same time. Looking back maybe Doran was right in playing the long game because he knew something like this would probably happen. Historically Dorne has never been that great at fighting outside its territory and Tarly is an experienced battle commander. Hopefully Quent can come back from this because this only the first of lots of battles to come which will only become bloodier as they try to make their way to Kingslanding and encounter Daeron's forces as well.
3/19 c93 2Sage Nameless
Huh... if Quent's really dead, that'd be a fascinating way to end the fic.
3/16 c92 CynicArchon
cletus needs to get his head out of his ass, maybe news from highgarden might help remedy that. and maybe accept his failings apologize and move on but I dont think thats happening anytime soon.

another note, why did ashara jump if her child was not taken from her? was it neds rejection due to his new marriage coupled with the death of her best friend?
3/13 c92 kageknuser2710
Loved this chapter!
3/12 c92 CadetMarshal
Interesting take on making Allyria Eddard Starks bastard, and giving her an independent lordship. However, I am confused as to when this was made known to us before, and why she doesn't like Bedrick her betrothed? And I kinda remember Cletus being jealous/grumpy, but not at this level that Gerris would throw hands with him.
3/12 c92 WeeniehutJrs
Great chapter it’s really sad to see how much the friendship around Cletus has fallen I’m afraid of what’s gonna happen in the end.
3/12 c61 Tyfli barda
So I'm dropping this story not because it's badly written, but because it has become too convoluted. I mean reading it after chapter 40 has become a chore when you suddenly jump from the protagonist narrative perspective to basically everyone else it becomes a multiple forced perspective and an unexpected abrupt change of storyline. All the SI:s achievement and goals has become pointless and useless from world building at the start to an overdramatic intrigue and plot driven Soap opera. Everyone is trying to kill or fuck each other now, and the plot after plot after plot it never fk stops the original story buried under all that contrived clever-ish Machiavellian machinations to the point that is just like watching Big brother show or Real life Westeros. What a shame I don't know what happened to the story but this is not what I started reading at the beginning it started with intelligent world building and well built character growth of a SI with decent pacing. It then turned into another generic conniving backstabbing dramatic Game of Thrones fanfic with even more incestuous glorification, and when did the SI become relegated from the main character to side character? So dropped now I'm just jumping chapters in hope of something interesting or that Quentyns plan comes to fruition, not just small snippets and then whole chapters after chapter of medevial politics.
3/12 c92 Sage Nameless
Why do I have a feeling Cletus is going to try to kill Quent?
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