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for Sunrise (Quentyn Martell SI)

7/6/2021 c17 1Lord Michael Demiurgos
The praying reminds me of the Crusaders and the Holy Roman Empire painting crosses on their shields and selves
7/6/2021 c17 Mike wolfez
Did he lose the eye?
7/6/2021 c17 Flygar
Very short and blatant cliff hanger, come on now.
7/3/2021 c16 ATP
He could not go sending letters is ,why Robb should listen to him?
Unless...send one lette in which he would wrote what would come to Robb and why.
There is chance,that after seeing with his own eyes that everything else was true,
Robb would at least do not get killed in Red Wedding.
Sending raven to Moat Cain before Ironborn attack would help,too
And another to Winterfall about fact that they have Ramsay,and that ironborn are coming.
7/3/2021 c16 Guest
Good chapter.

I feel though that you really start make Arianne too similar to Cersei on her level of pettiness and paranoia.

I was kind of hoping this chapter would conclude the whole tourney because I feel like the last few chapter haven't progressed the plot. They have progressed the characters and our understanding of them, but not the plot.

I wonder how Arianne will react to Nymeria taking Quentyn's side. Not that she is really taking sides, but that is how Arianne will see it.

Wonder who poisoned Gerris. I mean who would even bother with him. He is unimportant after all.

Thanks for your good work. Until next time.
7/4/2021 c14 1Yamajiji
Loved the initial conversation between Quentyn and Arianne. Can’t wait to see her get her whole shit turned upside down.
7/4/2021 c8 Yamajiji
So he’s doing a light uplift? Is he going to introduce other things (different agricultural methods or things like gunpowder)? Nice chapter.
7/4/2021 c1 Yamajiji
This is pretty interesting. Wonder how this’ll change the timeline? Can’t wait to find out.
7/1/2021 c16 Katakuri San
Well nice chapter even though I am a bit bumped we have not seen Quentyn fight Daemon yet but eh I take what I am given and it was very nice but damn Arianne is really going far here not being very rational about things, in a way it is painful to watch but the way Quentyn just came and did his thing was great and even with that and the fact that she now knows he found a woman she STILL does not take the guy seriously.

And I will not even go into the whole poisoning Gerris thing and how stupid that was, eh Arianne getting slapped was great, pity it did not knock some sense in her because she could clearly use some yeah Doran's shitty parenting really did quite a lot of damage here yeah I cannot wait for Quentyn to confront him about it and his oh so smart plans. As for Cletus well at least he had a good night right?
7/3/2021 c16 Caver Floyd
Good story, though I don’t like the way you are portraying Arianne. Needing a secondary antagonist is all well and good, but she is acting like Cersei in one of her drunken rages all the time. I think a more interesting dornish antagonist would have been Doran himself, if Quent doesn’t want anything to do with the dragons in the east, or Doran doesn’t accept that Viserys is mad.

I’ve been trying to figure out what sort of person the insert was, either doctor or botanist or chemist or something similar.
6/30/2021 c8 Mr. T
He keeps using words that don’t fit the time such as cold hard cash and other words used in modern English it’s very off putting and distracts from the story.
7/1/2021 c16 victorsan12345
I hope Daemon dies, if only because that may teach Arianne that there are consequences for her actions, especially if she is later exposed. Honestly, if it was proven that she send Daemon to hurt him it would be very difficult for her to explain she just wanted him broken, not killed.
7/1/2021 c16 3Churchillwaswrong
Why write a complex story with three dimensional characters, interesting conflicts, legitimate tension, set backs, and satisfying character arcs, when it's so much easier to write self-insert wank fests, where the OC's enemies all behave like one dimensional brain dead monkeys, and a plot that actively helps them? I honestly don't know why I got my hopes up. Anyway, keep up the good work, like I said earlier don't bother trying to develop other characters or even your OC or give them any flaws, that would require work, and good writing, and all kinds of other things you probably don't want to bother with.
7/1/2021 c16 LordNimmu
yeah, a nonsense.

Sister trying to use politics. We can't even get too forceful.
7/1/2021 c16 HalfbloodHeir
Thanks for the chapter but After waiting for some time and without any action this chapter seemed so short. So now Quentyn knows that Daemon is out for hurting him will he hurt him so he can also hurt him back right? Because i am really starting to hate that character. But I think it will not go well for him. Either way Arianne is gonna be furious and she needs to be put down soon. This game of rat and mouse is becoming very boring now when one side is only the over aggressive one. And isn't the yronwood, Dayne, Fowler, Jordaynes and Tolands Quentyn's business partners through penicillin or quenticillin and perfumes and nothing else? Old Quentyn had crush on the Yronwood sister but she is married now so there is nothing to seal their alliance expect their trade agreement. Arianne really need to get the reality check here. She is using her body to seduce people towards her right? What will happen when she has too many lovers who only want her for only themself. Wouldn't there be a coup to remove all other lovers of hers? I wanna see what would happen next.
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