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for Paved With Good Intentions

5/10 c4 skorchedlife
I really want more of this.
5/3 c4 Guest
1st. Awesome chapter, it’s always good to see one of the trio get put in their place

2nd. I don’t know if it’s like this for anyone else, but calling out specific pieces of media can be a bit jarring, I may just be weird though.
5/2 c4 WearyCurmudgeon
- Powers
Noted that the SB crowd is overlooking that Taylor is a 2nd Gen Cape in your story, due to Annette having been "Scribe".

So that would influence her power set as well, next to being around Tammi so much.

So we have QA (from Danny); specialized in Mastery/Control of a lot of objects/minions, Rune's limited TK oriented Shard (3 max IIRC) and whatever ability Annette had.

It's that latter aspect that's the game changer, otherwise she'd be a Jean Grey like TK who can control countless objects around her (think using debris/thrash as a shotgun blast and being able to control every pellet).

Sophia would soon run into her temporal hard limit of her Breaker state, while Taylor could keep the junk occupying the same space as SS. Meaning she'd be forced to reform with that stuff inside her.

And that's not exactly good for one's health, to say the least. ;-P
5/1 c4 38Solaire38
Ah I get the feeling this is the build up to the locker incident. Keep up the good work!
5/1 c1 Jdkem
Hahahahahha! Soh Cah Toa for trig ratios but you make a phrase that’s hilarious I love and will shamelessly spread this glorious knowledge!
4/30 c4 4tf330129
Keep it up :)
4/30 c4 Ep
Merci pour la lecture
4/30 c4 JanessaVR
I suspect that particular phrasing will get back to Sophia sooner rather than later, which may lead to a battle royale at school.

...which leaves me really struggling to figure out which side I should be rooting for.

Sabrina the Teenaged Nazi (TM) versus The Psycho Thug! Place your bets!
4/30 c4 osterreicher97
Good chapter
4/30 c4 7Bondubras of Devoncroix
Okay. While that bit about the trigonometry mnemonic is hilarious, I have to wonder what it's supposed to help you remember. I know PEMDAS is for lower level math, but are there special rules for trig?

4/30 c4 Guest
4/30 c4 Guest
Sophia a sadistic sociopathic violent thug poster for white supremacy must make the E88 recruiters lives so easy
4/25 c3 Guest
1st. Good chapter it’s always fun to see victor on the job

2nd. Do not force this, if you force the writing you will lose interest. If you want a suggestion, give yourself a lose schedule, i.e. I will have a chapter out sometime in the next week. Sorry if this is preachy but I like this story a lot and I would hate to see it go because of burnout.
4/23 c3 Guest
Simply capitalize on useful idiots who think melanin matters
4/23 c3 Guest
Elite branch front might work better
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