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for Shingeki no Gojira

6/14 c1 4761394
Good story
5/7 c1 9Youthintruth
Hold... I need to calm myself down... sniff sniff... your back!
4/19 c1 Armsforme
... why is he so small?
4/14 c1 Kitsune No Hi 75
I loved this one-shot! You did an amazing job. I especialy like how you tried your best to keep everyone in character.
4/11 c1 Alex TF
aw man! That was pretty cool. Just went to see the movie the other day, and then I stumble onto this story. Hope to see more work from you, even if it's not for this story. Keep up the good work!
4/8 c1 139AkumaKami64
Well, I see someone read God of Hate.
4/8 c1 Besat5
Great story! I love it! Hopefully you can come back to this story when you have the time to. What are your opinions on the new Godzilla vs Kong movie? I love it and I hope that they make more movies.
4/7 c1 Travian ross
Loved this story! Can't wait for the next chapter! Please update as soon as possible!
4/7 c1 1XxHawktalonxX
This story is very pog and I would like to see it continue if you ever have the time! Though this raises a few questions. What happened to Eren's titan(s)? Did (spoiler lady who got spine thingy in her back) change it? Or does someone else have it? And if someone else has it, then what exactly is Eren's Godzilla form here?
4/7 c1 2ChimaTigon
I hope you continue it.
4/7 c1 taiwoeretan1
Awww it's too bad this is only a one shot, hope you can finish your other stories cause this one seems to good to throw aside. Hope you get the chance to finish your other stories and continue this one. Good luck. PS Godzilla Supremacy.
4/7 c1 1DovahStark
Well this was fun to read but I saw your arthur note and I understand the need to finish your other stories. Great read about Eren tearing apart the titans as Godzilla.

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