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for RWBY's Ultimate Training

4/10 c6 CrimsonSoul102205
ah the bulldrome. I'm currently playing freedom unite on my phone with PPSSPP. hardest boss so far for me. If it isn't hard for you it's probably because I use an emulator
1/25 c8 Matt
How about doing a version of RWBY’s M.A, but do Pokémon instead?
1/25 c8 454godamora
Odogaron vs the mascots of Monster Hunter
12/19/2021 c7 AuraBender150
Considering the fact that the entire multiverse is applicable for potential fights, I think I know the perfect opponent to fight Cinder:

Her Volume 8 counterpart.
12/15/2021 c7 zakthebeast3
Can you do Blake vs velociraptors from Jurassic park
11/10/2021 c1 15Brandon Vortex
Soo let me get this straight, the admin deleted your story because it violates the rules but other shit such as Palgarize story, homophobic and disturbing and fanfic about how much he or she hated this world and murder some of them but somehow got a free pass?

I Have a feeling this guy's didnt deleted your story because you violated the rules, they deleted because you too a success and good
10/17/2021 c7 Ua alumni 1998
Not bad. It’s not a character from marvel or monster hunter, but I’d really like to see yang take on Bakugo from MHA. Wasn’t Orion working with them in the story?
10/16/2021 c7 Shin
Funny story about Bulldrome and his little helpers the Bullfango..Back in the days of PSP Monster Hunter, I would be playing on my PSP while my friend would be playing a different game on the big consoles when we hung out sometimes. He heard me complain and swear at the Bullfango for carting me or getting me carted by the actual monster I was hunting so often he joked (semi-seriously) that if he ever got around to making a fighting game he'd put me in as a character and my rival would be a masked wrestler wearing a Bullfango mask..mind you this was LONG before Demon Slayer and Inosuke, but that's just how much I hated Bullfango on PSP.
10/16/2021 c7 Blackmetalzane22
This may seem cruel, but how about Summer vs Fatalis?
10/16/2021 c7 454godamora
I think you should set up a rule like say nothing Elder Dragon or Black Dragon level. Or leave the Elder Dragons to the adults.
10/16/2021 c7 iancody81
are you going to react to invincible?
8/15/2021 c1 1playmaker1
That's just sad I mean why wait until you get this far into the mcu before deleting anuthing.
8/14/2021 c6 Guest
avengers watches rwby is deleted! i can't believe it!
8/13/2021 c6 Pervy sage
Could you put your quotev and wattpad name in you bio if others have problems searching for it
8/12/2021 c6 25Darth Cody
Seriously. Eff Critics United. Bunch of smarmy hypocrites, the lot of them. Stories like yours get targeted for no reason but stories that amount to nothing but fetish fuel and racist or homophobic rants get a pass? Give me a break.
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