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for The Legacy of Fred Weasley

7/11 c1 creepymacaroni
This is ridiculous! I am reading this while waiting for my nail polish to dry and I am legit crying over the last bit. It is sweet as always coming from you, you know I adore your dramione fics because they are absolutely amazing (and toe curling) but that last scene is just heart wrenchingly perfect. Love love love! Thank you for sharing.
5/25 c1 Ana Lya
Thanks ! It was lovely !
5/22 c1 EdDbookfan1018
Loved this! So very sweet.
5/19 c1 Serennos
Another emotive, charming and heartfelt story. Only one comment - I enjoy finding ‘new’ words, but I don’t think Draco would use ‘tchotche’, maybe, ‘a load of old tut’ would fit his mood.
5/7 c1 Puzzler54
Aww this is a really cute story. Thank you for sharing it.
I loved the cracker idea, ace! I also enjoyed Neville's friendship and your pairs. Lovely story.
5/3 c1 scarlettangel11
Oh my goodness I love this story! How utterly adorable and the end with George was so heartwarming
4/29 c1 Saggit
Now, that's a charmer of a story. Everybody in character, and despite knowing where some of the tropes will have people pairing up, it still felt fresh and new-which is quite an accomplishment. And as usual, you find a way to save your poetic powder for the big moments, such as "companioned solitude," which is pretty damn great.

And the coda, with George finding Luna, is as eerie and appropriate as one could wish: perfect for a story whose magic was itself not fully explainable.

Thank you for the time you spent on this. I genuinely look forward to reading it again.
4/25 c1 TeeChamblissful
Great pairings all around and great concept. Pleasantly surprised by Ron and Padma. Happy for George and Luna. I imagine that they'd work well together. Thank you for your story!
4/21 c1 Little Chocolate Swallow
4/21 c1 7TheLadyBookworm
I’m giving this 4/4 checks, 5/5 stars, and an infinite cyber cookies!
I absolutely adored this story! The characters and their interactions are wonderful! The plot was unique and charming! The whole piece was very well written; I adored it!

Just one quick question did George know what would appear in his matches cracker? If so or not, can you please reply back with a “why”? I’m deadly curious!
4/18 c1 t
omg love that neville is the "stubborn sod"
"that toothy smile of his that pansy parkinson says makes him look "fuckably boyish" is a DELICIOUS line.
the wine comment is perfect rich boy draco
padma and ron bonding over a chess like game WOW.
that ending was so utterly sweet.
thank you for giving us nottpott(and what a heart tugging pair that is)
dramione (love their things in common sm!) and slightly assertive hermione!
and delightfully sweet luna and fred!
4/17 c1 Capecodcanal
This is just lovely! Love your pairings, the clever items in the crackers and just how thoughtful it was. Thanks!
4/15 c1 carerra.hughes
and Luna's commonalities, as well as who won ashtapada
4/15 c1 carerra.hughes
this was too adorable. I want to know what are Fred and
4/11 c1 KittAnn
oh my gossssh... this is really cuteeeee! I love the Luna and George pairing.
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