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for On the Wings of Fire

1/14 c11 Ifidika
Fantastic story! You've piqued my interest. Please, go on, I must know more.
1/7 c11 Guest
I think she did a good thing, forest fires are great at clearing the underbush and revitalizing the land. Clearing way for new life to thrive! Some plants require a recent forest fire to grow as well, hopefully the seeds will survive, if not then people can scatter seeds or let the forest naturally spread back
12/21/2023 c11 Cats are my World
As an aroace person i really love Morrovalûr and Ídhaiamrûn relationship. It feels very queerplatonic. I adore how you haven't made Morrovalûr able to shapeshift. Shapeshifting dragon fanfic tends to lack the dragon being in dragon form and so I am very pleased to find a fanfic where the dragon is always a dragon.

Is this story on AO3?
11/24/2023 c11 dadg12346
Cool story loved it.
11/10/2023 c11 4Wackuhdoodle
Please, oh please, oh please, oh please! Update this story!
7/10/2023 c11 TheLionessOfBritany
immensely fascinated with where this is going. Can't wait for more!
6/7/2023 c11 FlyingBoxtroll
I really like this one, keep up the good work!
4/28/2023 c11 Thought
In times and situations like these, flame actually likely is he best option. Flames are known to have cleansing and purifying qualities. In a location corrupted by evil, and tainted by undeath, necromancy, and disease, fire is one of the best solutions to the issue. I mean, considering that Eru sunk the homeland of Men for their hubris, condemnation for her acting to wipe out evil would be hypocritical.
4/21/2023 c11 1MysticRising
And thus the elf became the first known dragon rider who tied his life with hers, or something like that. YeahI like theidea ofthis being like Eragon.
4/21/2023 c7 MysticRising
YES! YESS! CANON DIVERGENCE FOR THE WIN! I hate when someone makes a massive change. Only for nothing to change. They treat their characters like something artifical, acting like puppets rather than beings who react to their situation.
4/14/2023 c11 Silverwingzz
Simply amazing!
2/20/2023 c11 Allen Dragneel
Thanks for the chapter.
This story is really interesting and good.
2/11/2023 c1 todell57455
Omg. I love this book.

Don’t listen to tsougrhs.59, the bond between Yula and her elf is beautiful and it’s important, imo, that she has someone who will support and love her despite everything. And it’s completely understandable that Yula would be confused about her feelings for him.

In regards to the events of the last chapter, I look forward to seeing the effects Yulas temper tantrum on the storyline and seeing her try to explain it to Radagast! I just hope he’ll remain supportive of her.
2/9/2023 c11 tsougrhs.59
the way you wrote it is much more dirty from just eragon and saphira
every other paragraph you have them question their feelings
is just repeatable and boring.. and Just Stop It
2/9/2023 c10 tsougrhs.59
the whole love... over friendship destroy the mood
you try to force romance for an elve and a dragon ffs
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