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10/5 c7 Guest
This is difficult to read. Harry is finally adopted by someone. But it's not because they truly care for him and want him as a son. It's simply so that Harry can be safe.

Ron is a worse friend here than he is in cannon. I know that he and Harry will probably make up, but I hope Harry finds better friends rather than one who is so jealous he can't see past his own nose.
10/2 c17 Guest
So hope you continue this one! It’s great!
9/29 c17 5fanclaire
It's a great story!
I loved!
I hope you will continue!
9/28 c10 fanclaire
Dad! Fantastic!
Remus is going to be a wonderful psychologist!
9/28 c9 fanclaire
With this spanking, you conquered me!
I love your Snape, he's perfect! Harsh but fair!
I also loved that Harry hugged himself, feeling punished with love and without abuse. I loved Snape's explanation of the difference between the two.
Harry would always rather be spanked than locked up even though his bedroom had nothing to do with a closet.
The name "daddy" will follow, inevitably 'I hope!
9/28 c1 1DoraLupinTonks
I can't belive this...I found this amazing story and it's not completed, i mean I knew before I started but I can't believe you left it there. would live to read more. i am so glad Snape came back. please post soon...atleast i hope.
9/11 c17 3helen101
Excellent story. I absolutely loved Harry in the first couple of chapters. I totally deserves to be/feel that way. Love where you've taken it. Can't wait to see what you do with our least favourite toad.
8/10 c3 rosemary62442
to be fair, sirius didn't have that much money in 1981 since walburga and cygnus was not dead then.
8/8 c17 biz.boronyc2
this is great! really looking forward to the next chapter
8/8 c17 jaeexoxo
I LOVE this story! Please update soon
8/6 c8 rosemary62442
of all excuses THAT was what she choose? shd perfectly knew that it was not harry's money, and even if it were his that's way too expensive. I see you are trying to start their relationship before 6th year, but so far she just looks like substitute hermione, and I feel sorry for her. and yeah I don't like ginny. always find amusing her hating people calling luna loony and mocking fleur phlegm at the same time. really, it's horrible as snivellus, aside that she didn't mock her at her face.
I mean, hermione, she stood up for him last year, including figuring out about rita and he just dump her like that...?
what did he expect, disobey dumbledore and told him about the order when the owls can be interruped by death eater? I can't imagine her feeling by now. must be horrible
also for ron...as much as I agree him being a big prat, I understand his reasons. must be horrible your sister defending who broke his nose.
I never like hbp due to jk's sudden atrempts to make ginny a mixure of lily and cho.
8/6 c7 rosemary62442
um...did he forgot 'blood of the enemy forcibly taken?'
7/24 c17 silverangel116
Love the story and so glad snape made it at the end. Please post soon
7/19 c17 Freya54
Ich habe so gehofft, dass Severus Snape es zum Geburtstag von Harry schafft. Ich glaube, es ist das Grösste, was Harry sich gewünscht hat. Hoffentlich ist er nicht zu streng mit Harry wegen seinen Fehltritten.
7/14 c4 2katfray1224
You ever read a story and go wow whoever wrote this has some really intense mommy/daddy issues and/or unresolved childhood trauma? No? Just me? Okay...
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