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for Between a Kouhai and a Senpai

6/13 c4 Middernacht
Mei and Nejire enter support department just as izuku took off his because of all the sweat and grease stuck on it showing off his glorious upper body.

"Uh Girls?"

Nejire and mei staring at izuku with heart pupils and drool
6/6 c1 Shauno425
still waiting for an update on this amazing story XD
5/27 c4 6brasheril-holmestalentsmaster
I really like how you're portraying the characters here.

I just can't separate this Izuku from a Clark Kent lol.

Mei is also really awesome written.

Nejire is the one I like less, based on how you're writing her here, I mean, there's nothing wrong about making her slightly more mature (read as less innocent) internally, still, some information there's just no need to give, even if it's in the form of a joke.

The whole "how little that narrowed it down" also, though probably true and spot on in her assertion, just makes her seem a bit...uh... Vapid?
Prideful/arrogant? Superfluous?
I don't know the exact word, though a 'b*tch-like' not in the sexual meaning, but in behaviour does come close in my opinion.

Anyway, keep up the good work.
These are just my two cents.
5/14 c4 RiseElucidator
Same Nejire. Small/Spunky and Tall/Hunky are my kinks too
5/13 c4 heartfanglives
Oh god. I am going to adore this ship! Her thought process when she saw them both was hilarious!
5/4 c4 Guest
Fun chapter. You can practically hear the sugar high in Nejire's narration.
5/4 c4 Guest
So when is yuyu gonna get dickued?
5/5 c4 yomunot
Welp, I'm sure Izuku enjoyed the (relative) peace while it lasted. I look forward to reading the next chapter!
5/5 c4 Nechroz
Ah yes. Being Chaotic bi is quite in character for Nejire
5/5 c4 GunBlade2021
Hi there

So the trio met, I wonder how the relationship will develop now?

Keep up the great writing and stay safe!
5/5 c4 100TheSilverboar
I don't blame you. That's WAY too long to wait for Nejire
5/5 c4 Devin Devin
Don't know how to feel about this chap, I just don't really like Nejires thought process I guess ? She seems to be brain dead and very shallow. Also the off gand comment about not remembering the name of the teacher because he's a support teacher. I don't know really, maybe im being bias towards my dislike of yuri.
5/4 c4 Cleaea
Ah I’m loving this story. Basically every story you write as well haha. Looking forward to fluff and maybe a hulk smash Izuku because big and green auto ticks Hulk Box haha.
5/4 c4 johnwhen
Fics I hate autocorrect
5/4 c4 johnwhen
You nailed her character perfectly, must be all the practice from all your other great dice
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