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for A spider's web

10/8 c38 ladyjade01
Great story!
8/29 c8 1Sox21
Glad she’s remembered no matter what Ranger is a good guy
8/29 c7 Sox21
I’m really horrified that Stephanie has this little faith in Ranger. He has never lead her wrong and she should be giving him the benefit of the doubt.
8/27 c38 Madgor
What a nail biter! I had no idea we would end up here… What will Lucas feel of the news? Did Garner really stay away? I’m so happy for Mylo, what a good ending for him and his dad. Thank you for writing this!
7/19 c38 Fiarillo
Excellent as are your other stories!
6/27 c38 30Mumofpicklegirls
Brilliant story
Thank you for sharing x
6/19 c38 37misty23y
Another great story full of twists and turns. This story was skillfully written. However, the ending seemed a little rushed compared to the rest. I can't wait for your next tale.
5/18 c38 Guest
I'm so happy about Mylo and Charlie!
Val, Steph and Grandma will thrive. Grandma going to Steph's old apartment is great too.
Tali is dead and Steph didn't do it. Good on both counts.
Emma and Steph are a good team and teaching Lula too.
All's well that ends well.
5/18 c38 3Vulcan Rider
Well, at least they don't have to worry about Tali anymore. What concerns me, is that there are too many loose ends left. Garner could return anytime and hell, Morelli or his evil extended family could come after her. Then, there is Ramos. He's going to be pissed that Steph outsmarted him after he took her in, even if he was already working against her wishes.

Lucas will probably need to also know about Tali and receive a copy of the video, which he probably WILL watch, unlike the one with Antonella. I just don't like the idea of Garner getting off that easy. He's still a threat in my mind.

The whole thing with her parents moving isn't surprising. As soon as people in the 'Burg turned their vicious gossiping against HER, she decides they have to leave instead of just waiting for the worst to pass. But better for Steph and Val it seems. Helen has definitely cowed Frank after all these years. Being the only one around to be blamed for things is NOT going to be easy for him. I'm just so glad that Val finally woke up and truly wants to be a better mother to ALL of her daughters than their mother was, and recognize that they each have different personalities and needs.
Great chapter. I didn't get to review the last couple of chapters, but the Colonel and Emma are lucky they didn't get shot at the house. LOL
Maggie M.
5/18 c37 Guest
Tali got what she gave. Death!
She thought she was quuen, and untouchable! Wrong!
5/18 c36 Guest
A lot of answers in that chapter.
Manning was an innocent pawn, and Jayce. Such a shame.
5/18 c38 GarbanzoBeans
Wow, just WOW! So so much corruption deceit and lies that it was definitely a spiders web. Thank heavens most of the good guys survived and some of the bad guys were made to see the error of their ways. Manning was not a bad guy and thank heavens for that because it shook Rangeman enough to have Tali be corrupt. They are in the clear for now and hopefully no more of their past will come to hunt them. Sequel is needed even if its a one shot to get the after effects of the dust settling.
5/17 c38 2trhodes9
Interesting ending. Seems she has a good path to go forward on.
5/17 c38 Meteorologist
So sad to see another incredibly plotted story come to an end. I adored the character of Mylo and loved his and Steph's relationship. I'm looking forward to your next story.
5/17 c38 Sonia Hdz Q
Great story, thanks for share it.
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