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7h c2 KenjiApex
Now the possibility of Kirito getting solo in the most of the story is low (perspective of first timer)

Dan aka Leonn is a good friend to Shino aka Sinon.

Interesting take of making your oc a biology nerd. And a strength/defense build that is never seen in other Sao fanfiction. And the maul too.

There's the fact that you made the stat system easier to understand is a good move.
7h c1 KenjiApex
classic start of Sao with a more thoughtful personality for Kirito.

your introduction of the oc as Shino's close friend, and the one who introduced her to Sao was a smart approach to make her presence in the story.

And Dan is the supposed self-insert.

8h c100 KenjiApex
Amazing story Ikell.

Been reading these for half a year (and the fact that I didn't watched a single episode of Sao) and I am anticipating your sequel of Unyielding aka Relentless.

Perfect title for these fanfictions

I didn't watch Sao but according to the events of Fairy dance arc (am I rightRelentless" title is perfect.
11/30 c100 3TH3MinniiSavage
It’s been a long journey and a long read but I finally finished reading the story after taking a break and waiting for it to finish and I’ve got to say, I think this is probably the best SAO FF on this site. Good work and I hope to read the sequel sometime down the line! Have a good rest and I’m looking forward to seeing you write again!
11/23 c100 3FatherMordteiva
Overall a beautiful story. The changes you made helped to not only keep this story tied to its original content but set it truly apart as its own story. One just as worthy an adaptation of media as the original. While in some places the changes you made were very predictable and not that interesting, other changes help to set a vast difference to the characters and their personalities. I eagerly look forward to your next installment of this story knowing already that it will be amazing.
11/22 c100 l4w
I was hoping to miss this bit and I do think that you deserve a break from writing but now I am hoping that you will not have too long of a break.
Thanks for sharing this story
11/20 c15 The One Who Reads Too Much
This "game engine has trouble rendering x person's attacks because they're so fast" thing is getting really annoying. It's not like the people are using their real bodies to move their avatars (or that any human body could possibly move faster than even a computer from the early 2000's could keep up with, much less whatever super computer AI server is running SAO), and even besides all that...their character speeds are intrinsically tied to their character stats. The stats that were programmed into the game and beta tested at much higher levels than any of the characters in the story could possibly be at right now.

If this was the Fate/SAO crossover, with Shirou sprinting around and attacking with his pretty-much-Servant level reinforcement, sure that would make sense. But as it is, every time I read a phrase like that it just reads as "the author wants me to know how super extra special this protagonist character is", copied over from canon or not. If it is from the LNs or something, the. isn't the whole point of FF to do something better, or at least different, than that?
11/13 c100 1whattoname
Wow. What a ride! I have to admit that I was one of the lurkers you mentioned. I began reading your story somewhere around chapter 20, and your continued immersion inspired me to begin writing myself! SAO could have been a masterpiece, but poor planning and far too many time jumps marred the anime. Unyielding fixed all of it. If this were an anime it would be one of my favorite. I must ask- when can we expect to see the sequel drop?
11/11 c7 I hate marshmallows
"he's a beater" My favorite lime from all of SAO
11/10 c85 Starfire99
After reading the final chapter, this was the only gripe I had with it. Kirito never got his one-on-one battle with Kayaba. Alice was the only one who got one. Yeah, Kirito got the last attack in on Kayaba, but we never see him in a one-on-one showdown. That's the only other thing I'd change.
11/10 c100 JemeryT
amazing work
11/8 c100 5PercyPendragon3
And finally finished. It was a brilliant fic. A solid 10/10. Honestly, this is the best SAO fanfic I've read. So, thanks for that. You are extraordinarily talented.

The only gripe I have is the Sugou plotline. But since you have written such a masterpiece already, I'd give you benefit of my doubt and hold my judgement until I read the sequel.

Thanks for all your hard work! It was a fun ride.
11/7 c100 JustAnAcro
10/10 you should own the SAO franchise.
Hope that, in the end, Sugou gets what he deserves.
11/7 c100 7era-romance
Wishing for a sequel
11/7 c100 4thompmil000
I thought you'd quit the SAO fanfic after you were done with Unyielding, but HELL YEA a SEQUEL.

Also, what was that bs about "novice writer"? I actively bragged about reading this b/c of how good this story was to friends who'd never thought that SAO was done poorly.
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