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12/25/2023 c49 BanksDowney
I love this story. Im surprised though that neither of the Elven factions were invited to at least start up a small settlement in the valley. It could have fostered better relations between the two and stimulated more economy for the guild.
12/9/2023 c31 2EzeikelShepard
Leon falls more in the historic record of what a Norseman would be built like and has the temperament of one as well.
11/18/2023 c100 2Memoria Vita
This has to be one of my favorite SAO stories of all time. Extremely well thought out, planned, and written. I agree that the concept of the Full Dive Technology is/would be a wonderful thing to have and could be explored in so many different ways. I might actually play an MMO if we had this tech. But your story! gah... just, well done. all around. Well done. I will be waiting on tenterhooks for the sequel. Oh, and great foreshadowing of that too, by the way. Please don't leave us hanging for too long! Thanks for the wonderful read...

oh I guess I should say I have read this story about six times now lol ta ta!
11/13/2023 c24 Islingr-kun
Now that‘s what I call timing; right as the fight with the assassin begins, my spotify starts a dubstep remix of „Swordland“.
11/6/2023 c100 1Nightwing2013
Chills and tears for the second time! Such a good fic! Take your time on the sequel knowing that many are looking forward to it!
11/3/2023 c78 Nightwing2013
Rereading this wonderful story, and I can’t help but notice the ambiguity in whether or not Argo and Lux are members of the Renegades. This isn’t clarified at all in the rest of the fic.
10/23/2023 c100 Nightwing2013
This was a beautiful AU that you wrote here. I can’t wait to see what you do in the sequel!
Also, Suguo will be lucky to survive another night in prison. Not to mention the fact that he just confessed to 300 counts of conspiracy and kidnapping in front of a few dozen witnesses! Arrogant prick.
10/18/2023 c59 Swiftcaliston
my faith is my shield
10/18/2023 c48 Swiftcaliston
i felt like it would end like this
10/4/2023 c100 PheonixBJB
This might be the greatest SAO fic ever written. Even if not it’s definitely up there’s with others such as Monochrome Duet, I’m very much looking forward to the sequel. Probably doesn’t mean much from some random reader but you did an amazing job, the last several days I’ve spent all of my free time unable to look away from my phone because this story was so unbelievably good.
9/30/2023 c100 2Ciel Moony
Amazing story!
8/29/2023 c76 Starfire99
Ok, this may be a stupid question, but I'm gonna ask it anyways. There seems to be a contradiction, but I may be misunderstanding something. Can't believe it took my 15th or so readthrough to pick up on this.

So, the Amusphere's use the feeds of the assault team to recreate the areas they are in for users outside the game to spectate, right? But the feeds cutoff when a player goes into a private area. Asuna and Kirito's bedroom (I'm assuming they have their own room since they are married) certainly would qualify as a private area, right? Or the entire world would have a front row seat to Kirito and Asuna... *ahem*, consumating their marriage, shall we say?

So how is Suguha spectating while Asuna is mourning in their bedroom?
8/19/2023 c62 MKH301
HELL YEAH! Give that rapist his just dues! I was honestly afraid Papa Yuuki would be in denial, but he doesn't fuck around! I like him!
8/18/2023 c53 MKH301
Yo, Cactus Head better get the ass whooping of the century!
8/17/2023 c46 MKH301
I was quite unsure for the first few chapters, but the m8s for life handshake they did during the Elf War solidified my suspicions. I always liked that handshake, hope the full version is in the later chapters!
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