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6/16 c1 GinnyB
Nightmares can be terrifying, especially when they are repeated or triggered in some out-of-control way - random memories, or forced visual reminders. Della's combination of her brother's death, Perry's close call and the District Attorney's visual evidence in court put her subconscious on overload. Perry 's sensitivity and Dr. Curtis' expertise proved to be successful treatment. Della's final "bad dream" had ready-made "treatment" that Perry could handle on his own.
5/8 c1 3GirlCalledIronside
Great story, thanks for sharing
4/15 c1 25CaptainChaos
Great story thanks for posting
4/10 c1 Guest
Good story. Thanks for sharing.
4/10 c1 A Carwile
The human mind has to suppress what it cannot process. The kindness of Perry and Dr. Curtis’s gentle skills coaxed patiently until Della was ready. Nicely done.
4/11 c1 14Rebekah Mason
I loved this, especially the ending. Of course, Della would have THAT type of bad dream after Perry helped her through those horrible nightmares. Well done.
4/10 c1 52shari
Nightmares are bad enough but reoccurring terrifying. Glad Perry and her Doctor could help
4/10 c1 Tamarral
Loved this story
4/10 c1 tengland2
Interesting cause of her dream(s) and the solution. Glad Perry was there to share the results with her. Nicely done.

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