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6/12 c13 it's simply me n you
Nice ending. I’m glad they both have some human memories to look back on.
6/7 c4 Guest
Bella is a newborn, right? How comes they take her to town full of humans, into school still full of human scents despite being empty and Bella has no reaction at all to any of this? No bloodlust, no thirst, not even a single thought about scents in general. It's very odd for a species with their main sense being smell...
6/7 c1 Guest
While I really like Jasper I still find it odd that Edward isn't the one helping her adjust. It feels wrong, like when a baby imprints on their caretaker instead of their absent mom. I can't believe Edward missed out on this chance to bond with Bella...
6/9 c4 it's simply me n you
It was nice to hear their story from Edwards view
6/9 c3 it's simply me n you
Gotta be frustrating for Bella. At least she has many people trying to help her
6/8 c3 Wannabe Esme
I feel for Edward and for Bella. Nice chapter!
6/8 c1 Wannabe Esme
Great start. I like the interaction between Bella and Jasper.
6/6 c1 TwiFanfictionRecs.com
One Minute has been nominated in the poll to find TwiFanfictionRecs' Top 10 fics completed in May on www . twifanfictionrecs . com
5/16 c13 Wendy
Muchas gracias por la historia
5/15 c13 traceybuie
Awe... That was a sweet, romantic end to your story. Thanks for writing and sharing. I'll be back as a reader for your next vamp or human fic. No shifter pairings for me. ;)
5/15 c13 MsLiss
Thank you
5/11 c12 traceybuie
Awe... sweet, romantic chapter... Thanks for writing and sharing.
5/5 c11 traceybuie
Great feeling chapter... I feel warm inside now. Thanks for writing and sharing.
5/4 c10 traceybuie
If Bella and Edward keep talking to each other about everything AND keep having amazing sexy times...they will be golden. ;) Thanks for writing and sharing the yummy chapter. :)
4/26 c9 Guest
I’m loving this story. Can’t wait to see how their talk goes.. the story you’re looking for sounds like it’s theficchick ‘s a snowfall kind of love
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