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for Total Drama: The Final Marshmallow

4/13 c1 Aleheather4ever
Aleheather Aleheather Aleheather
Plz plz plz
4/11 c1 lordgemini
- Spoilers incoming –

I like it. Most All-stars replacer start at episode 1, but you instead decided to write episode 0, which is a wonderful idea, but let’s go into it.

The story starts in the same place as the original All-stars, with Chris in prison, Chef takes him out, and their preparation for the new season, so far so good because it is the same start, but from there, all change.

The scene with the song was a smart way to establish the love triangle (or more like a square) without using too much time of the actual episode. Also, the song was awesome and you did a nice work with the lyrics.

After tha was the main part of the episode, that’s the show to select the 20 contestants. I loved everyone had a joke or a line along the way. You use the first places to complete the rooster and smartly took out Geoff, Bridgette, Owen, and Noah using the ridonculous Race. Also, I love the inclusion of the mysterious robot ;).

Then the voting was a nice way to decide 2 of the contestants, Brick is the Roti obvious choice, but I wonder who votes Trent. I think at least Gwen, Heather, and LeShawana, but LeShawna could also vote for Tyler for old times' sake (they competing together in reality shows). Either way was a fine idea using it like that.

And then the contest for the 19th place. Iit was exciting, and honestly, I didn’t think both Tyler and Eva would be the last two. Making Eva lose against him in a challenge she could easily beat him, to then being the one chosen by the public was smart, especially because I can understand people voting for her after the discourse.

And the ending was fine. After the competition to designate the 20 places, they are knocked out and ready to start in the virtual camp.

In resume a good chapter, with many plotlines already underlined (like the loved rectangle?, the Eva vs Lindsay and Tyler rivalry, Eva and Jo rivalry or alliance, and of course Scott and Heather as villains.)

Now about your questions:

1)I would like to see Owen. I think he is THE all-star who should be there, but the way you took him off was really smart, so I will not complain.

2)The first boot? Buff really hard to say right now. Lightning, and Anne Maria had the less things going on right now storywise so I would bet for them, but I think the next episode will not have eliminations.

3)The robot is mysterious I wonder whats it’s deal (joke)

4)Alejandro is surely taking a vacation in Benidorm (joke)

I will be eagerly awaiting for th enext chapter.
4/10 c1 1cherrygems
Ohh this is great! Somebody that I used to know is one of my favorite songs! And I really liked how you changes the lyrics to match the love square. Also I definitely saw that reference to Total Drama Tyranny of the masses.I’m excited to see where this goes.

I wonder what aspects of All-Stars you add that is if you chose to add any. Like is Mal going to be appearing. Will Scott and Courtney get together? (even though I’m Duncey for life lol). Anyways this first chapter is already better than the whole All-Stars season.

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