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5/15/2021 c23 9Dragon Man 180
Sirius is alive! Yay! I was slightly worried about his fate. And Lupin being married to Tonks with a kid is great, but I can't help but imagine one family picture is with Lupin as a wolf with Tonks and Teddy petting him or Teddy as a wolf snuggling up to his parents. Will Sirius get any romantic fun in the Bloodborne universe?
5/15/2021 c23 zanzara
So Harry could finally talked with Hermione and Ron, one of his few true friends, well was cool to see him saying them about his huge dissapointing from the magic ministery and the fact that with the demise of Voldemort, he isn't needed anymore, meaning that Harry could considers stay here and lives with the Doll, than return to Britain and still dealing with Dumbledore, the ministery and Snape.

And talking about Snape, i wonder what kind of plotting could be planning Patches with him, he could ended send to the Nightmare Frontier, and ended turned in a "workshipper" of Amygdala, or could be something else. Yet, i also wonder if Harry could ended having a boss fight against Snape by this mysterious plotting of Patches.

As other point, it is cool to see that Sirius Black could reunites with his godson again, well Harry could needs his support to the future battles, without count that maybe Sirius can teaches him some other tricks with his animagus form. Also, so Harry could retrieves his invisibility cloak, cool, but i wonder if this cloak could be innefective against some kind of enemies of Bloodbourne, like beings with high insight, beasts, Kins and of course, Great ones.
5/15/2021 c23 LoamyCoffee
All righty then. Not much for me to say except that I'm curious as to what those two have planned. I'll be honest, thought Lily was going to show up and punish him.
5/15/2021 c23 5Tenzo51
Why do I get the distinct impression we should care more about what patches is plotting then snape. Cause unless I read that wrong, he just became the personal property of a particularly nasty amygdala
5/15/2021 c23 3RonaldM40196867
I’m sure God appreciates the confidence.
5/15/2021 c23 4597boss
Love this! Can't wait for more!
5/15/2021 c22 2Pinkypi
This is really good. I love the plot twist with lily being a great one and cant wait for Doll to realize she is Kos maybe then she can get filled up a little bit more.. Thank you for the beautiful story. I say beautiful but I meant the writing obviously because the story it's pretty gory at times kekeke.
5/15/2021 c22 Dredgen Ruvaak
\[TAnyway, another excellent chapter, just make sure to rest after writing. On a side note, how’s your experience with bloodborne so far? I was introduced to the Souls series by Dark Souls 3, and having to fight Slave Knight Gale, *Tears*.

Here’s an interesting idea, a cross between Dark Souls and Soul Eater.
5/15/2021 c6 Cam
Life is fun.
5/15/2021 c21 BoredKing
How about a senile old man who is too used to being right and in charge to realize he is doing everything wrong, Dumbledore doesn't have have be evil but his actions are still deplorable.
5/15/2021 c22 StrangestQuark
Awesome as always, though I have to wonder what Harry's reaction will be, when he dies as a hunter for the 1st time... All things considered maybe he will take it well. Dying and resurrecting was always his shtick after all :D
5/14/2021 c22 zanzara
So Harry faced and slayed Ludwig the Accursed, well being honest, i always considered the boss fight of Ludwig opposite to the boss fight of Father Gascoigne, in the sense that Gascoigne started fighting in his human form, and during the last phase of the battle, he ended turned completely in a beast, in mind and body. While that Ludwig started the battle like a complete beast, but during the next phase, his Moonlight blade reacts and manages to awakes his humanity buried, making that Ludwig can retrieves partially his former self, and in this phase, he begin to fights more like a Hunter than a Beast, showing that he could retrieves his humanity partially, and stopped of be a complete beast.

Even, as other detail, in the case of Gascoigne, when he reaches his last phase and became a beast, he is more weaker to serrated weapons, the kind of weapon that are more effective against beasts, while that Ludwig is only more weaker against serrated weapons during the first phase, and when he retrieves his humanity, he isn't weaker against serrated weapons anymore.

As other point, i wonder if to the point in that Harry confronts to Umbridge, she also ended being confronted by Ebrietas, aka Lilly, as while i would likes to see Harry slashing and dicing this wicked witch, i cannot resist imagines the harsh punishment that Umbridge could get from a Great one, and i guess that she wouldn't be so scott free like the Voldemort's lieutenant was.
5/14/2021 c22 LoamyCoffee
Hmm, I did feel part of it was rushed but I think that the chapter went well.
5/14/2021 c16 3Men behind the Mask
I like how the story is going, question though, do to the twist in the latest chapter, if Harry fights the Moon Presence in this story, would Eribratus help him, or would Harry
5/14/2021 c22 Zathol
Would be interesting to see how the Doll would chew him out. Probably in a well mannered way. Also wonder what her thoughts would be into the insight of his lineage.
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