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5/12/2021 c20 zanzara
Good chapter, so Ebrietas explained Harry about how she became Lilly Potter, well was interesting to see her origins related to Harry. Yet, i wonder if Harry could manifest eventually some powers as Great one, besides resistance-immunity to the nasty Frenzy state, or even that Harry learn to assume some "Great one form", giving him awesome and otherworldly powers, something very useful, especially if he combines this with his magic knownledge and hunter skills.

As other point, so thanks to the special Legimicency that Ebrietas used against the Voldemort's lieutenant, they learned that there are two factions of mages in Yarhman, among them the Order of Phoenix, and even that Dumbledore persuaded the ministery to grants Harry some pardon for his "crime" about the demise of Cedric. Well, i guess that Harry could cares little to nothing this, because i doubt that our young mage and hunter has interest in return to "home", after all the problems and hardships that he dealed and could deals in the future, especially if he is still under the control of Dumbledore, making that be pardoned means nothing to him now. And i would likes that somehow Harry can talks with Dumbledore and gives him a piece of his mind for his imprisonment in Azkaban, because i guess that Harry ended in the same situation than Sirius Black; be inmediately accused from some murder and sentenced to Azkaban without some fair trial, and Dumbledore put little to not effort to helps them during their trials, leaving them for dead in this prison.

Also, so Harry learned that toad of Umbritch is planning to kills him, well i cannot waits for that this stupid witch comes here to tries to kills him by herself, only to ended overwhelmed by the young hunter and that she ended suffering a very nasty fate in the world of Bloodbourne.
5/12/2021 c20 1keeganweretiger
I liked this chapter, it explained enough without seeming like an info dump, and I love the Hellsing Ultimate Abridged reference. Keep up the awesome work. I just have one question: Could Harry, if he finds and consumes all 3 parts of a Great One Umbilical Cord, with he become a full Great One, or something, well, Greater?
5/12/2021 c20 SpartenN-916
I caught that Hellsing abridged reference you put in there, jolly good sir
5/12/2021 c20 8Jebest4781
pretty good chapter here and wonder what else will occur from this
5/12/2021 c20 3RonaldM40196867
To some people, death is just a temporary inconvenience.
5/12/2021 c20 Z.L.C. genesmith
'Run for the hills'? More like, 'Run for the nearest erupting volcanic caldera'. Death by voluntarily diving head-first into boiling lava/magma would be a kinder fate than whatever Ebrietas-Lily probably has in mind for the Choir and anyone trying to lay an ill hand on Harry, once she gets her hands on them. Though I imagine a certain nun of the Healing Church will be somewhere in the top three victims of Lily's wrath, inadvertently making sure a certain Cainhurst refugee doesn't come to harm for no other reason than her past association with a history she'd rather cut all possible ties with. As for why this nun would be in the top three? Those three unlucky souls are going to be the very first, somewhat SANE victims of Lily's slightly controlled Roaring Rampage of Revenge against the Healing Church.
5/11/2021 c19 KeepingKessler
just finished the chapter. what the fuck
5/9/2021 c19 1Thanatos413
Ah! The most horrifiying of the old Eldritch gods MOTHERs nice work keep it up!
5/9/2021 c19 4darklordVerasaltrazi
Great story keep it up
5/8/2021 c19 Zekedavis
so the note read true "Seek Paleblood to transcend the Hunt."
5/8/2021 c19 1Malgrath
Also Harry needs to get some proper hunting under his belt, some yeah he killed Gacoigne but that was more a mercy kill and not a fight. He needs go to kill something big and bad. Maybe Cleric Beast is still bumping around.
5/8/2021 c19 Malgrath
The Holy Moonlight Greatsword might be even more powerful than any 'Potter' weapon because the Arcane power would overwhelm any magical power. If old Voldy is truly and utterly dead and gone, then something must have happened to the Horcruxes. Maybe the feedback of Voldemort getting bodied so fucking hard or the Arcane power destroying anything that was Voldemort.

Also Lily Potter? Ebrietas? WTF? I mean she's not at the top of the Great One food chain but still.
5/7/2021 c11 Malgrath
My stance on Paleblood is that the one from the comic, the 'canon' paleblood is utter horseshit. Paleblood is just that blood that is pale, as in a slightly lighter red. The color of the moon after Rom is killed, that is Paleblood. It's literally called the paleblood moon, probably for that reason. The white blood of the Doll is more similar to that of Kin, some have a light yellow, some have a pure white.
5/7/2021 c10 Malgrath
I thought Old Peculiar was a reference to Yogscast's old Shadow of Israphel. That would have made my day.
5/6/2021 c19 Biowind would Winter Lanterns and the Eye thing in the tower react to Harry now I wonder. As I’m picturing Harry’s group getting through unhindered, while the enemy groups trying to get through, and basically exploding along the route. I mean...I hate those things, but dang if they aren’t top tier enemies for a reason.
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