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for Eldritch Blood

10/28/2021 c28 Guest
Loved all 28 chapters and I can't wait for more soon
9/25/2021 c13 Guest
The title finally coming into play.
Eberitus seems to feel kinship with harry, and I think the moon prescence is aware of whatever it is about harry that this is and as so perhaps seeing him as something like a baby great other he offers him sanctuary and protection even if only indirectly
9/19/2021 c6 vmage2
Reducto is the Reductor Curse, not the Cutting Curse.
9/9/2021 c28 hcook10
I think you did a disservice to Doll/Kid's character even without anything but the barest memories she acts nothing like she did a few chapters ago, the passive and nice personality seemed to more or less vanish to exposition except for dealing with Orphan. Her relationship with Harry besides basically making him a stepfather has all seemed to go downhill, she went from him being forced into this by her trying to keep him alive and their growing affection to just a thought above the rest.

I understand her character would be affected but when something similar happened to Lilly, he was made into at least a more entertaining character.
9/5/2021 c2 Guest
I wonder if the Ministery of Magic could somehow finds a way to recruits some Kidnappers from Yharnam and hires them like other wardens of Azkaban, together with the Dementors. And even maybe both can work in team, like that the Dementors and Kidnappers go after some dangerous criminal, and the Dementors attacks them with their sucking power to weaken them, making easier to the Kidnappers snatches them and takes them to Azkaban.

I thinks this because when i was caught by a Kidnapper in the Cathedral Ward and taken to the Hyopgean Gaol, i had vibes of Azkaban in this place, adding that the Kidnappers for some reason gives me vibes of Dementors, for their cloaked appearance, that both work like prison wardens, and that both are scary dangerous enemies in their respectives universes, making me thinks that the Kidnapper and the Dementor could even get along.
8/4/2021 c2 Sypho Dias
Isn't the doll a great one as well? She's as powerful or maybe even more powerful than the moon presence. That was what I thought anyway. Huh...
8/2/2021 c28 176Firehedgehog
nice ficcy here
8/1/2021 c28 4DA Exodus
I've been bringing this story ovwr the span of a couple of days and I gotta say it's really good. I'm looking forward to what comes next. I also greatly enjoyed that you mentioned some of your older stories in some of the chapters. It was actually its yhe end of the world as we know it that first introduced me to you as a fanfic author and it's still one of my favorites from you that I hope will get an update. Anyways I'm looking forward to the next chapter and can't wait to see what Rockwood is gonna do
7/31/2021 c28 James1996
Great so far, I look forward to reading more in the future.
7/28/2021 c19 The Kromann
7/18/2021 c28 Limerick90
Alright, important things first: I like the story!
I came here looking for a Bloodborne fic that didn't delve too deeply into existential dread or sanity loss and got ambushed by a Great Ones family. Very cool.
The one thing I really wanna ask for more information on is if Harry has actually used his "internalized" versions of the Augur of Ebrietas and A Call from Beyond yet. I loved the implication that Lily showed him how he could use his own Great One powers to get a personalized version of the effects working without the Hunter Tools, so I was waiting for him to actually do that and see the differences. Especially with that description of how he could feel his unlocked power rushing through his blood in that cold yet electrifying way.
So now I'm just wondering if that's what he's been doing the entire time since (I figured he definitely did that with the Blacksky Eye blasts, but those aren't that special in comparison to the other two), or if he hasn't cast them without the Tools yet. I could see him holding off from doing that because it would require him facing his half-Great One status, especially if his version of the Augur doesn't summon tentacles from Lily, but allow him to form them out of his own essence somehow. That seems like something Harry would not want to do at the time because of the implications to what he is.
Now though...well, he's pretty much accepted that Lily is actually Lily and what that means for him, aaaand he's kinda sorta in love with Kos, whose former true form he actually doesn't find disturbing. So if there's any point in his character development that he'd really start accepting his own Great One-ness some more, it'd be now, right?
Anyway, I'm curious about the endgame here!
7/16/2021 c28 lucariotnn01
you know i have a lot of problems with your story the first and biggest is what's wrong with lily? she hasn't seen her fucking son for about 18 years and when she finds him she doesn't even spend 15 minutes with him she hasn't asked how his life was or taken care of him right she's much more interested in revenge than harry why couldn't she stay 2 chapters with it absolutely surreal the interaction between them is so much that I don't even care if something happens to lily because she has no connection with the characters so far, and in another case since the doll remembered it was Kos a the chemistry between her and harry is completely gone i honestly don't even want to see them together anymore
7/15/2021 c28 Argonaut986
Rookwood won’t last much longer? Vesmir has gained gab and intellect. Snape and Mikolash are getting along well(shudder).
7/15/2021 c28 zanzara
Cool, i was missing this story. Well looks like that the Orphan of Kos now got a proper name, Vesmir, well, i liked to see that he can get a chance to became an individual with personality than the seemingly mindless beast that we faces in the game.

Also, i wonder if when Harry and his team faces Micolash and Snape, the potion teacher ended being confronted by Lilly, aka Ebrietas, as to considers that Snape is plotting to harms Harry, i would likes to see Lilly giving Snape a taste of the eldritch horror, and ended leaving him with a great madness, or suffering a gruesome death.
7/15/2021 c28 3WhiteElfElder
I wonder whom will take out Snape, Harry or Lily?
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