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for Eldritch Blood

7/15/2021 c28 APridefulSin
I wonder how German will react to vesmir...ooooo
7/15/2021 c28 APridefulSin
this is great. I find it fascinating what you decided to do and connect here, and I wonder how Snape will react to lily if he sees her. really well done even with vesmir. I completely understand what is going on there and will reread to make sure I'm not missing anything (and for enjoyment. your writing is really good). thank you for sharing this with us!
7/15/2021 c28 8Jebest4781
Another great chapter here man. Keep it up.
7/15/2021 c28 The Jedi Potato
Vesmír with a long I actually means space not cosmos
7/15/2021 c28 3RonaldM40196867
Always wash a corpse before touching it… you never know where it’s been.

Are you working on a new story now?
7/14/2021 c28 1buterflypuss
good chap
7/14/2021 c28 1keeganweretiger
Gotta say. Quater, It's good to see this story back. One niggling thing in my mind, is whether or not James will have any part to play in the future, either as the source of knowledge or an advantage, or somehow returning to life. On the topic or returns, I really wanna see The Hunters show up in Britain and unleash Cosmic Hell.
7/14/2021 c28 9Dragon Man 180
Interesting chapter. I can't wait to see Harry's next encounter with Snivellus, but I hope Lily joins in to show just how much she hates Snape's actions towards her son. I just hope Vesmir doesn't stumble into an adult themed sex dream world and come out very confused asking Kos all kinds of questions. Heaven help anyone who threatens his mother in front of him if Harry or Kos don't finish off the idiot.
7/14/2021 c28 LoamyCoffee
Hmm, a very nice return. Little bit of Snape talking with the birdcage nut and talking between mother and child.
7/7/2021 c21 Guest
7/6/2021 c1 Nachtigaller
6/25/2021 c27 APridefulSin
amazing, no other words for it.
6/11/2021 c16 Guest
I kind of wonder if it's possible for Harry to 'improve' a trait more than the limit of four times. Not via the same mechanic, but something like improving the base; exercising to improve his endurance to get the base up. Or ways to heal from the long-term damage his life had on him.
6/11/2021 c8 Guest
...I could have sworn that Gehrman told Harry who he based the doll on. Maybe not the specific name, though.

Might be mixing it up with a part that was from his perspective, though.
6/11/2021 c5 Guest
I'd like to imagine the 'put into an asylum' Hunter actually knew what he was saying. And that he was put in an asylum not for the 'git gud' stuff, but rather rambling about Yharnam.
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