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for Eldritch Blood

6/3/2021 c22 34Zeromaru Chaos Mode
Every time Ludwig used that move i would always yell "EKUSU...KARIBAAAAAAA!"

It just reminded me so much. especially with the name "holy Blade"
6/3/2021 c13 Zeromaru Chaos Mode
i see your language cypher.

not too difficult to recognize, but i respect the fact that if you saw some amorphous blob backlit by stars descending from the heavens and it spoke with a powerful reverb "Hela du saad oui"; you'd be well grounded to shit yourself.
6/2/2021 c26 Guest
good sor
6/2/2021 c26 p6lishb6kser
Oh man... I love it!
To be honest I never thought that HP can have good crossovers until I stumbled upon certain Berserk/HP few years ago fic and and I loved it.
Author predicted many things that later happened in the manga and ended it in a way I was sure Miura would create something similar... but we all know what happened.
Anyway your fic is my nr3 after that, and FFVIII one.
I have huge hopes for this one, so I'll follow :)
5/30/2021 c3 BigRig2.0
Yeah this is fucked up, I’m out
5/22/2021 c26 1buterflypuss
5/20/2021 c26 Taitenator
Intensely curious about how the Orphan is going to go... does it still exist within the nightmare in this version of events? Is it the source of the nightmare rather than Kos? Possibilities...
5/19/2021 c26 Guest
love it
5/19/2021 c26 TheLostLordOfCinders
Thanks for adding more lore to the story, though I’m more of a dark souls guy ( cause Bloodeborne is PlayStation only) I’m kind of wondering Havel would be like in bloodborne. Though that’s just me, continue to praise the sun! \[T]/
5/19/2021 c26 Argonaut986
Maria and Kos, some say Kosm, are Pershing redemption.
5/19/2021 c26 3WhiteElfElder
Well, I wonder if Doll will reclaim more memories of being Kos as time advances?
5/19/2021 c26 8Jebest4781
doing quite well here and enjoyed how it turned out
5/19/2021 c26 2Pinkypi
As a hunter harry doesnt really need his magic all that much, but it greatly helps him to have utility spells and such or quality of life spells. By the way Harry hasn't used his blood echos in quite a while in order to get stronger. :v
5/19/2021 c26 3RonaldM40196867
There's always someone to blame.
5/18/2021 c26 9Dragon Man 180
Still wanting to see Lily have a 'talk' with Snape. I loved her latest walk and how she dealt with being skewered by a rusty sword and smiting enemies. Rookwood continues to be an awesome villain I honestly want to see survive a long time since he's INTERESTING.
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