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5/18/2021 c25 17Thedarr24 and Draconis23
Why not make them go through something like saw?
5/18/2021 c25 14Yorae Rasante
Your portrayal of Rookwood reminds me of Glados. Or at least how she claims to be in Portal 2, all about the science, and even the addictive burst of pleasure programed to be given by testing being secondary to her than the actual progress of her researches. Even while she is on your side she is agreeing with Cave Johnson's mentions of sacrificing people for the advancements.
That said, there are quite a few points that hint at her being more emotional than she claims, yet Rookwood here... doesn't seem to have them.
5/18/2021 c25 Jhousa
Ok, unless you really decided to twist things around, Gehrman completely lied. Claiming they were brainwashed, saying that she cursed the villagers, and not mentioning how they mutilated Kos, the villagers, and her child. Hope you update soon, I don't like there being standing drama between them.
5/18/2021 c25 3RonaldM40196867
Death is important.
5/17/2021 c25 Olivium
I just thought of something: what if the one reborn was Umbridge.
5/17/2021 c25 zanzara
Poor Harry, he is relieving his previous traumas in britain after this revelation about the identity of the Doll, specifically to considers his previous misadventures and ordeals in Britain, that he was manipulated and treated like a pawn of Dumbledore and that he ended framed from Cedric's murder and jailed in Azkaban, Harry developed a lot trust issues, making that this revelation about the Doll, ended possibly being considered like a betrayal to Harry, as since his perspective, the Doll and Gerhman were hiding him secrets, much like Dumbledore did it, making that now Harry thinks that he cannot trust in anyone else than his closest friends; Hermione and Ron.

Well, i hope that Harry and the Doll somehow can ammends their relationship, as would be sad see their friendship/romance be teared apart for this revelation.
5/17/2021 c25 Z.L.C. genesmith
I can see one particularly hilarious way this upcoming fight could go. Harry manages to nail maria with the immobulus charm, and then Wingardium Leviosa, before slamming her repeatedly into the floor, in a fashion quite similar to how Hulk slams Loki into the floor after grabbing his leg. Hearing Harry then say, "Puny Huntress." afterwards would admittedly be rather out of character for him, but in an Omake? Then it'd fit just fine.
5/17/2021 c25 Zathol
Ah well I can say Umbridge certainly got a gruesome end. Nothing sucks more then dying twice even if she wasn't technically alive for the second. Funny that.

I think Harry took it better then most. He just needs a bit of time. He has had quite a few shocks to his world from his mother, to his own heritage and now to the one who has been his rock through all of this.

This guy needs a vacation. Maybe he can find a nice beach back on earth to take Doll to. See if he can get her in a bikini and get some much needed sun. Might be a strange sight to the muggles but I would just say she has advance prosthetics.

Muggles? They don't see nothing, do they?
No, but if you jab them with a fork, they feel it!
5/17/2021 c25 Mastersgtjames
MC is not still using his blood echoes is he? cuz unless I skipped it, I have not read him using them since the first time.
It also comes across like MC is not going to become a Great One, using the Umbilical Cords to step towards greatness...
5/17/2021 c24 Mastersgtjames
Yeah... this reads like the Author is not aware of certain facts. Like that Doll is Oedon.
5/17/2021 c25 4jgkitarel
The interesting thing here is, Harry doesn't entirely believe what he was told. At the same time, he doesn't disbelieve, either. That is what I am taking from this. Yes, he is in a bad place, he knows it, and he doesn't know whose words to trust, only that he is being lied to, or at least not being told the entire story and thus being guided to an incorrect conclusion. Just not by whom.

Rom was telling him the truth, from a certain point of view, but chose her words carefully to do the maximum amount of damage out of spite. Gehrman, reinforced those same words due to his own spite towards the Doll, and knows that he has crossed a line and that Harry, once he gets the full story, is not going to trust him, and is, in fact liable to hate him.

And thus Gehrman becomes a villain, but a sympathetic one in some ways. At the same time, when he is put out of his misery, he is going to thank the one who did it. Whether it be Harry, the Doll, or someone else. And warn them that they have to deal with HIS gaoler.
5/17/2021 c20 Mastersgtjames
This... is increasingly reading like a MASSIVE AU, where pretty much none of the Canon facts are true. Like Oedon being Doll. It not being some tyrannical evil despot, but wanting a kid, failing, staying around because its stillborn kid is half-dead and screaming/crying, then getting tricked by the Moon Presence to merge with Doll, and getting trapped there.
5/17/2021 c25 LoamyCoffee
Well holy hell. Not how I pictured this going, but it was good all the same. Rookwood is interesting as always~ Harry is reacting better than I though you were going to have him do and now he must deal with Maria.
It makes me want to reread Janus~ Which reminds me, Ishida Sensei has started a new work, Choujin X but they don't have a set schedule, so I don't know when the next chapter is coming.
5/17/2021 c17 Mastersgtjames
A bit rushed... as far as how quickly they managed to come to this world to "save" harry. I mean, he has had no time to grow, in power, in strength, in ability, as a person... No time-skips... So MC is not really up to the task of really handling them...
5/17/2021 c25 1keeganweretiger
I like this chapter, though I kinda wanted Ron and Hermione to meet Lilybritas. I think that dynamic would be interesting.
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