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for Attack on Titan - A New History

6/11 c12 chugnchamp
6/11 c12 chugnchamp
Great chapter! Love how everyone’ opinions and stances are being made clear, whilst reflecting how they would most probably be like had these events taken place in canon.
6/3 c11 theyungg
This story sucks mate
5/30 c11 6The r3wr1t3r
Man this is cool, I always wondered how it would go down if Eren told everyone the future.
5/29 c11 chugnchamp
Absolutely wonderful
5/7 c8 Racan
Ayyyy 2 new chapter let’s goo
4/28 c6 Racan
Aw hell yeeeeee new chapter
4/24 c5 Racan
That chapter was awesome
4/23 c5 Gokuu the Carrot
This is really good :) whenever you update next, I'll be here.

In ch4 when reiner and bert transformed the music from that scene literally started playing in my head. Just thought it was cool that that happened while reading lol
4/20 c4 Racan
Aw man I can’t wait to come to this fic when ever I’m sad aw yeah
4/18 c3 4Shinra0
4/17 c3 Hamly
This is my comfort story now
4/13 c1 3amorphouscrystals
I’ve been a wreck since 139 and this was a breath of fresh air. Thank you.
4/13 c2 Hamly
This story is so good
4/12 c2 4Shinra0
Also cute
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