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11/23/2021 c26 KV2021
Beautiful story and writing. Really enjoyed this fic. Look forward to more.

Love that Rory and Lorelai talked, and that Rory talking to a therapist. Understand Logan is upset about missing out on Harper’s life and why Rory did is not right, Honor is right though 2 wrongs don’t make a right. He needs to also get his headspace into the right place.
Loving little Harper she sounds like mini Rogan.

Really looking forward to the next instalment.
11/7/2021 c26 phillygirl29
I don’t typically like stories where Rory hides the baby from Logan but I really appreciate your realistic take on this and I’m enjoying your story so much!
10/21/2021 c15 ShielaE
I like this story so far. This chapter sort of compelled me to give a review bec I like it :)
I like that Logan didnt want to put up with Rory's issues after 6 moths of waiting. Unlike other fanfic stories that started with similar issues of Rory keeping the child from Logan a few or many years after and Logan easily forgave Rory. I like this story where Logan is more realistic where he is not the one bending backwards to keep a relationship with Rory. I hope that it continues this way in the next chapters where it becomes a give and take relationship where Rory has to work as hard on her issues that would impact her relationship with Logan if she truly loves him. Of course Logan needs to do the same but I think that is the case in this story. Logan is willing to work with Rory - he is the one who suggested the therapy. I saw a small progress when Logan called her out about being influenced by pressures from Lorelai about the Christmas schedule - Logan 1st Christmas with Harper. I think that in the show Rory and Lorelai's relationship was never a healthy one - there was an issue of co-dependency. So on to the story...
10/15/2021 c26 2December Jeffries2
I am absolutely surprised that I agree with Mitchum in regards to Harper’s name being changed to include Huntzberger. After everything that Rory has done, I believe it would be very beneficial for her to change their daughter’s name. She would be showing Logan that she is remorseful and it’s a major step to prove that she is really trying to repair the damage that she caused. I’m hoping that Rory and Lorelei’s conversation was the eye opener for Lorelei to change. If being compared to Emily doesn’t make her be more supportive and accepting of her daughter’s life, nothing will.
10/11/2021 c26 princess2083
Congrats on the house!
Amazing chapter.
Now if Rory could just tell Logan everything she told her mom they could make so much progress int heir family dynamic.
10/10/2021 c26 JFrey1028
So glad to see an update!

Congratulations on your new house!
10/10/2021 c26 23Rori Potter
Oh my. Wow. Update soon.
10/9/2021 c1 Susan
Please continue story - less of Loelei & more of Logan. Let Logan read all the Dear Logan letters, let them rencile, marry, have more children, despite their mothers.
10/8/2021 c26 Festis7
I’m sure he does. How about Gilmore Huntzberger. I’m sure Rory would like to share atleast half of the name with her daughter. Interesting that Mitchum asking how it is with Rory.

So, good talk ... between Rory and Lorelai. I hope Lorelai supports Rory more. I hope Rory have the same talk with Logan.

Congrarualtions to your first house. That must be so existing.
And for all the reviews.

Hope you will find the right mood to continue writing.
10/8/2021 c15 Susan
Did Rory give Logan copies of the letters she wrote starting with when she found out she was pregnant?
10/8/2021 c26 Kellybras
nice update congratulations on the house
10/8/2021 c26 Megan.e.hutchinsongmail.com
Congratulations on the house! Exciting news for you. Great update on the story too. I'm glad Rory and Lorelai talked. Now Rory and Logan need to talk. Good luck with the move and getting settled in. We will be excited to read your updates when you're ready! Thank you!
10/8/2021 c26 bseriel
So happy that you bought a house! That seems like a big accomplishment!
Wow Rory what Rory said to lorelai I do hope that her mom understands and doesn’t trying to get in between them anymore or a least tolerant Logan
Oh boy… i hope that Logan asking for her to be a huntzberger doesn’t ruin more of their relationship
10/8/2021 c26 mimi1028
Welcome back! Congratulations on the house! Glad that Rory has finally decided to fight for Logan. Hope Logan is willing to meet her halfway and put the past behind them. Please don’t wait too long to update the next chapter!
10/8/2021 c26 52shari
Rory has to deal with Lorelei. Not an easy task. Lorelei is Emily just in a different body when it comes to prejudices about people.
Logan gets to deal with Mitchum. Harpers last name isn’t any of Mitchum’s business. It’s between Rory and Logan. Logan seems to be ok for right now. Mitchum up to something. Who thought Mitchum would be a good grandpa.
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