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6/10 c10 larmmason
oops.. I feel sorry for you now smoker, having so much faith on Nami and Nojiko like that pfft!
and got another hilarious moment in this chapter haha
Thank you so much Author-san!
6/10 c10 5kent-jensen
6/9 c10 Guest
An another amazing 2 chapters can't wait for more soon
6/9 c10 BlackhawkRookie
Loving this book, keep it going!
6/9 c10 Leaf Ninja 91
very nice work. thanks for the update.
6/9 c10 1buterflypuss
good chap
6/9 c10 4Zaralann
Awesome as usual!
6/9 c10 tgfofp
Nice chapter!

I would expect that their bounties will be higher than canon and they will be hunted down by stronger marines, now that the navy knows of their haki.

And meeting with Robin and the rest of the crew might be different too. It is going to be tough for them not to curb-stomping everyone they are up against.

More importantly, how are they going to get Chopper from Drum Island if Nami does not get stung by the insect and is not sick? I can't imagine her not using magic or haki against those. The only way might be for Vivi to be the one sick instead. I doubt they will teach her haki or show her magic so soon after they met.

It will be best for the crew if Nami leaves the battles for the weaker members IMO. It is going to be difficult to follow canon at any rate. It would seem too forced and there won't be much excitement, since they already won all their battles when they were a lot weaker originally. Anyway, I hope you made some plan to follow and not repeat everything from the anime/manga only with a much stronger crew.

Till next time, stay well!
6/9 c10 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
will be interesting to see what the bounty's are going to be once the news hits that they have haki in th early bit of the grand line
6/9 c8 larmmason
pfft, Poor Mihawk. Never a dull moment in this story.
Thank you so much
have a nice days and be safe!
6/8 c3 larmmason
Pfft.. so Luffy was right.. It was a mystery mountain.
and wow, I really love this story, so much fun.
Help greatly to relieve me from all the stress of live lately.
6/4 c9 Arya970
Awesome chapter yet again. Keep it up!
6/4 c9 Mastersgtjames
Meh, if I were Nami/Harry I'd have tried to tag the people I want to follow, and maybe "mark" somehow, the various nobles. Then, use that "mark" as a kind of targeter. Kill ALL the nobles. I mean, If MC kills all the corruption at the top, and the Marines at the very next level do not actually agree with those nobles actions/ways, but were unable to act. Then the Slavery/corruption would end overnight.

Hope MC is studying those fruits to develop her magic more. Maybe learn the various methods/manipulations. Soul, Flesh, Blood, Mind, etc... As well as furthering her understanding and skill at 3 dimensional Rituals/Wards/Runes. Maybe even somehow improving it to 4 dimensional or better.
Also kinda hope this story becomes a kind-of multicross. Maybe as a sequel. Like, here it is MC in One-Piece. Next it could be Naruto. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Stargate. Warcraft. Harry Potter again, maybe as Canon, or even Fanon.
6/4 c9 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
will be interesting to see if any one noticed her visit to the so called holy city or not
6/3 c9 1EliteShadow
hope to read more soon love the story so far keep up the great work!
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