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for Tsunade Midoriya

9/5 c1 1Dakrakboy
I think it would be nice if you can give Izuku the eight inner gates. This kind of fanfic is rare as most (if not all) fanfic regarding Izuku having powers form narutoverse or a trainer from naruto deals with the sharingan or rinnegan. It would also be possible cause Tsunade wouldn't want her cute little brother to face the illogical world of heroes and villians while being powerless.
8/24 c2 Desirehopz101
Cant wait till Next Chapter!
8/21 c2 R reyes
Holy shit dude. I pray you get better man my aunt's back in Texas dint bother with the vaccine and my cousin who is in junior high school got COVID-19 thank god they effects were not severe only headache and fever. And one of my aunt was diagnosed with colon cancer but is not to bad they already treated it. So take care dude and eat things that help orange juice carrots too ginger and vitamins c and d they help a lot dude
8/21 c1 Gestu desu
Hoping this is still alive~

8/22 c2 DraconixVargas
No rush! I look forward to what you put out next in the coming month, this first chapter was such an awesome read!
8/21 c2 tvhbabygirlcb2012
Covid is no joke. I had it and it was like having a cold x 100. Get well and know that you have supporters that will wait and stay subscribed. Focus on getting better, use a diffuser it helped me
8/21 c2 1Jayden Lopez
get well soon
8/21 c2 bunnyxstar
No rush! Hope you and your family get well soon
8/21 c2 11freakshow
I’m sorry about what’s happening to you and your family I hope you all have a speedy recovery
8/21 c1 turddurd214
please dont be a tsunade x all might fic
8/21 c2 10Kisame Hoshigaki
Take care first of yourself. After that, if you had the chance, update your stories.
8/21 c2 3Wally991
When you post the chapter, could you replace this note with the chapter? It's just so we don't get confused with the amount of chapters this fic really has
8/17 c1 11freakshow
I really enjoyed this story I like how Tsunade was able to influence so much.

And I can say I’m not an endeavor fan especially after what he did to his family
7/24 c1 jmknz777
7/3 c1 Gouravsilentreader
Awesome and interesting story
Love it
Looking forward to the next part eagerly
Please update soon
Stay safe
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