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for Cinnamon Bun's Music: Remix

8/22 c16 ZonalJump97
I'm looking forward to when you come back to this story. I have one suggestion, if you're gonna continue the depression, I think a perfect song and music video would be "Slow Dancing in the Dark" by Joji.
5/26 c16 crossrain01
I just found this one late last night and it's interesting. I hope more chapters will come out soon.
5/20 c5 Guest
If/when you come back to this story REALLY hoping for Thousand Foot Krutch to be put in as it is almost criminal not to have a song from them. I was thinking 'Move' would be a perfect song to use for this
5/20 c16 Guest
I’ve seen that before on this site just can’t remember what story and issue caused it
5/20 c16 XXX777
I am very sad now.
5/8 c15 shadowfoxronin99
I have a few songs for deku to sing the are alter bridge the other side and slip to the void
5/5 c1 6Why Am I Laughing So Hard
great choice of songs good plot and good story! love it! hope to see more! also is it possible to have izuku sing numb by linkin park?
4/3 c1 Guest
Could you have izuku im only human
4/1 c15 AndyKurosaki98
Oh you son of a-
3/10 c3 Guest
Okay, I legit can't handle the hardcore cringe. Imma dip out this absolute fucking garbage.
3/10 c2 Guest
Wooow, I message at the the beginning of the song. How much more fucking cringe can you get? L story so far. 2/10.
3/10 c1 Guest
Only the first chapter and the plot is straight up trashy cringe. 3/10
11/28/2022 c14 3Zeckromizder
I want to recomend two songs for after you are fone with the depressing arc of this story. I really enjoy these two songs, and mash REALLY well with MHA as a whole and with All Might and Izuku as a whole.

1. Mighty by Therewolf Media and Brandon Yates
2. Strongest Alive by Brandon Yates ft. Anthony DiGiacomo

It would be amazing to see these two songs in this story, same with song created by Youtubers being inspired by MHA. Keep up the amazing work as always
11/6/2022 c14 Animefan1986
I would like to recommend/request 89ers go go go go.
10/25/2022 c14 1Eldrozul
Well, I have some suggestions, feel free to pick any of them:
TourniquetFour Rusted Horses by Marilyn Manson
Dear Agony, Give Me a Sign, Dark of You by Breaking Benjamin
I am Machine, World so Cold,The Real You, No More, Last to Know by Three Days Grace
Black Dahila, This love, this hate, This Diary by Hollywood Undead.
Plastic Promises, I'll sleep when I'm dead, Haunting, Bad Guy, N.M.E, Horrible Kids, Stitch Me Up, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by Set it Off.
Scars, Hurricane, Let me be sad by I Prevail
1 x 1, Drown, True Friends by Bring me The Horizon
thoughtless by Korn
God Damnit by Illenium
Outsider (apocalypse remix) by a perfect circle
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