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7/10/2021 c2 kamiyahart
oh pls update
7/10/2021 c2 Debbie Hicks
3. Chap[ter then Harmoine was Changed by Bella was infectig her with alien venom then to brest friends then aliens/Vulcan who turnmed a witch thern the pain then the You Armine are punished the Harmine was kidnapped then before the wedding then then experimented but augmented but brain surgies then suddenly Ws turned into what then Good who createdd yiu her yiu die Isabella othes wit yoiuyy then Sexually assualtd but abused but telepathically gang mind raped outside in then the venom took hold of the poison it's working then Heromine dioed that winter's night before the wedding woke as a newborn so her/they/thyem good beheaded where yiou thinmnk my throat I Want to murder the aliens/Vulcans good mine then too late herself was Changed by her/they herself was with hair longer with bangs body was changed then the Cullens meet them in black robes then oh my god her eyes Yews Falkor's redd so theirs Snapped then with they then too late they been turned then Smashed then both then burn them with new addictions the MOM issued a two wife ritual like on Jurai then too late Pierced the blazing them then too late the damages onto them Edward married wo wives with they with help then the cause was murder then they were struggling of the thirst but alien bloodlust were new to their next otherworly lives became sickest from help at 10 months were part-witch and part-vampire gasp Alice then Smashed freely never made it then too late brought the dead then it came ripped freely good Deceased then had freaks from help what too late was broken both were broken so they PSTSD Set in then too late Alice they are not humans so they oh my god then it came too late they planned a Vulcan healing marriage to cure them then too late never was alive at all with the the other friends of Hogwarts were nuked good freed but fled of broken bodies then with the Lycans then brought there then it came too late ended them, there now healed but recovered Both newly mated wives so they were in a group marriage like Rigelians swore it by law of Merin and Surak fiercely loyal became priestesses bound in a hive mind like Bog Drones witnessed events to years went too faster it was 2021 by now oh no the Queen Mum is a widow dear god yes herself was praying by meditation she's in black grieving yikes Hermoine written in dialects of the Vulcans fluently read and speak in the language of the planet Vulcan as a priestess so they newspaper the Guardian of their death as well herself never aged of it so herself took the name of T'Voris hers was Sch'n T''Gai T'Lar so they longer hair carried by magic And telekinetic powers like the 1984 movie Star Trek 3 the Search for Spock were Acolytes herself was smarter by now a Genius by three levels of her brain created a barrier her steps began like Solkar's steps slowly letting time slow of her powers he sighten her in white robes jewelry then With help of her taught her one last gaze turned away coldly Sir! she is a priestess newly-tnitated to their order he was both tall but muscular he was exotic but handsome was taken by her
6/27/2021 c2 BlueSmile15
I have been reading your stories and I really enjoy them! I hope you are able to update soon! Thank you for sharing your writing with us.
5/5/2021 c1 Guest
Let it stay as "T".
4/30/2021 c2 AEdmo13
Hehe! Rosie's gift, freaking brilliant. Watch Edward really get a witch fetish and it become his favorite.

I have loved reading through this series, couldn't put it down the last couple days and all I can say is gimmie gimmie all of it please.
4/26/2021 c1 cyrilalbar06
This was a good book, I liked it a lot.” ... If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on Novel Star, just submit your story to hardy novelstar. top or joye novelstar. top
4/26/2021 c1 cyrilalbar06
this book has a compelling story line and was actually hard to put down. If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on Novel Star, just submit your story to hardy novelstar. top or joye novelstar. top
4/21/2021 c2 2lily-julie
I had to reread the whole series to refresh my memory and can’t wait for more
4/17/2021 c2 Guest
Hola, amooo la historia espero que sigas
4/13/2021 c2 dramonie1028
Can't wait for more!
4/13/2021 c2 meldz
lol, very funny!
4/13/2021 c2 NicoleR85
Another great chapter. I can't wait to read what happens next. Please update soon.
4/13/2021 c1 3AlyssaWonderland
Definitely always gonna vote for a little dirty, but this story is going to be amazing regardless!
4/13/2021 c1 LauraTheLyon
I’m excited to see how this ends! Thank you for sharing.
4/12/2021 c1 bookwander101
Can’t wait for the next update! Great start
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