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for What We Lost

6/5 c2 AngrySama
This is where I stop. The goblins are just being stupid here. Like they don't realize that once the wizards were dead Voldemort would have turned his attention on them. The fact you had him lose all his money is freaking stupid and your a bad writer. May you be eaten by darklings.
4/19 c31 39Goosefire
Honestly not happy about Draco, but do like that he made the cure potion and made the Malfoy name stand for something. Really loved Andromeda: "This is the last time!"
4/19 c23 Goosefire
Finally a Mastery; about time!
4/19 c21 Goosefire
I like Ron's explanation of his mom. I know some veterans who were in a war and the pain they share is enough to make me cry like Molly.
4/19 c16 Goosefire
About time!
4/16 c31 4El Publicano
Oh wow, I made it to the end and I liked how everything turned out for Harry and Andromeda. Between the two of them, they built their new home and ushered in a bright new second life. Even the new additions to the Potter family were heartwarming to read.

And I always liked that even as he grew up, Teddy still called Harry "mapoppy."

Now that I think about it, it was refreshing to read a bit of role reversal in this story. As Andromeda said when she referred to herself as "the father" in the relationship, seeing a Harry in "homemaker" mode has been an interesting concept in this sea of countless Lord Potters in fanfiction...

Truly, I hope to find stories equal to or similar to what you've done. I still have some of your stories left to read but I know it will hurt a bit when I finish them...

Once again, magnificent story.
4/16 c23 El Publicano
This chapter I liked quite a bit. So I'll divide my comment into two parts, and exclude anything about Andromeda and Harry because I think my previous review expresses what I think of this story. I adore it.

For some reason, in this fandom, I've really liked the Haphne ship, so the appearance of the aforementioned in this chapter, and how you portrayed her thinking about Potter, I liked. I wish I could find a story where Daphne had the presence or bearing that you've given to Andromeda in this story, and I just think that you're capable of doing it, and I would like to read a Haphne story written by you, because you write incredibly but I can't force you...

And, about the Slytherins asking for Harry's help and it all resulting in a plot to give Harry a mastery recognition... Wow, really, I like how in a few chapters, and in not-so-extended chapters, you're able to write so much. Anyway, I found it funny that the new relationship between Harry and Draco was revealed in front of the latter's friends, and also how Harry defended Draco against comments about lycanthropy because he is kind-hearted and knows how tough it is for those who are singled out by the crowd for conditions beyond their control.

Wonderful chapter.
4/16 c20 El Publicano
I can't find a word that serves me to describe how magnificently you write the development of the couple and their intimate moments, I mean, I can't say that I've read anything similar in any other fic so far. And I am pleased to have found this fic (and the one where Narcissa is the girl of the moment) because, certainly, you have a knack for bringing a scene to life through words. Simply magnificent.
3/21 c31 csheila
Thanks for a wonderful tale.

We can imagine a future. You write what and when you wish.
3/21 c30 csheila
Perfect match to the middle name. I hope Luna is happy
3/21 c29 csheila
Brilliantly done
3/21 c28 csheila
What a sweet and insightful chapter. Well done
3/21 c27 csheila
Whoa, that was intense
3/21 c26 csheila

But i keep waiting for the amvil to drop
3/21 c25 csheila
No, they just have greater powers.

I have two brother. My mom had 5 sisters. She advised me I would never understand competition among sisters. Could begiid or bad but it always would be

Watch Luci try to knock somebody up. He and Ron are both “cruisingfor a bruising.”
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