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for What We Lost

9/4 c2 2Fire Tempest
Really good start, I look forward to seeing where you take this!
8/22 c2 18farawisa
Thanks for sharing so far. Can't wait to read more in this universe!
8/14 c2 siobhan.22
Great story so far, please continue.
7/24 c2 Fallow58
x Kudos x : )
6/18 c2 IloveHeat
Please consider reinstalling this on your old account in its entirety until you fully edit what you feel necessary on this site.
I miss this story immensely.
6/3 c2 xauzi1304
Good job keep write it.
5/20 c1 2Derlah
this story is unique and interesting to me so far. can't wait to see how they progress in their life from here. keep up the good work!
5/18 c2 2adafrog
Interesting so far. Thanks.
5/10 c2 inaki10
I hope you finish posting the rest of this story sometime soon. this story is my favorite among the ones you've written, and also one of my favorites in all of fanfiction. it's such a beautiful and emotional story, and I'm looking forward to reading it again. keep up the amazing work
5/8 c2 jadely31
Keep up the good work. Thanks for posting this story.
4/26 c2 aki93
I don't know why, but I honestly thought she was going to storm the bank (and succeed). This is more realistic...because Harry is really the type to not think that he could ask the help of the Minister to retrive his property
4/26 c1 aki93
so harry stayed...sigh
i love how such simple words can evoke such strong feelings
4/26 c2 11NonsensicalRants
Just leaving a review to try and encourage you to keep going. This is excellent stuff my dude.
4/25 c1 Iaki55
Thank you for posting this story again. It is one of my all time favorites. Amazing story
4/24 c2 4ThunderReborn
To think you would reboot this fanfiction. This is one of the only ones where Harry & Andromeda has a family relationship after the war. In honor of this fanfiction, I'm rereading the old version of this story and the AU of this story.
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