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for RWBY Watches The MCU (Iron Man 3)

1/22 c9 chowchow10181
Wait till they react to Shang-Chi and meet the REAL Mandarin!
12/29/2021 c1 28Calebray866
Can you have them react to the Spiderman films not the Mcguire and Garfield ones since they’re connected to No Way Home?
11/25/2021 c7 23Jedi Alex Colbent
“ PLEASE no flame wars about this, it was a joke. I know during his term he did some good things.”

... He.. he incited a riot onto the capital though. Dude don’t deserve defense after that.
11/9/2021 c2 Guest
Iron Man 3 was trash.
9/4/2021 c13 1Rose rich 2002
So does that mean all these stories are going to only on Quotev now when you upload new stories
8/30/2021 c1 SoulReaper139
What happened to your stories?
8/19/2021 c12 Lord Destroyer
I don't know if you took down your stories or not, but of all your RWBY Watches series, there are only two that's up, the rest including the latest one, are no longer up. If you're not the one who removed them, please look into it and get back to your readers.
8/16/2021 c13 Matt
To the guest wondering what happened to the other stories, check the end of the latest chapter of the “Ultimate Training” story.
8/13/2021 c13 Guest
Have you been deleting your stories? You shouldn't, they're good.
8/13/2021 c1 Guest
What happened to iron man 1 and 2
8/11/2021 c1 Guest
What happened to dark world
7/11/2021 c12 Random65
This is so good and as always hilarious and wonderful! (ps just ignore genital warthunder)
7/10/2021 c13 9Drake G. Reaper
If you find the time maybe you could add in Hail to the King to one of these.
7/7/2021 c12 Cylon One
The remaining Iron Legion suits being self-destructed must have been the most traumatizing thing Ruby has ever experienced.
Wasn't a pleasant experience for myself either.
What a waste I thought.
Liked having Ironwood's very-upset type exclamations about it as well.
Well, that was another good RWBY-viewing-an-MCU-adventure that I enjoyed with everything that they had to say about it.
Now it's on to the second movie of Nora's pop, Thor.
And the next Infinity Stone, the Reality one, to be revealed.
Which when first shown will be known as the Aether and have the appearance of a dark red fluid.
And sought after by Dark Elves.
Have to say, not looking forward to the grief Nora will experience when they you know what.
But yes to everything else with her and the rest viewing "The Dark World."
Nice work with Iron Man 3.
7/6/2021 c11 Cylon One
Yeah, one of the best parts of the Iron Man 3 movie, despite it being not one of the best out of the trilogy.
Say the Mandarin revelation nailed the disappointment the most on that opinion.
Tony going like MacGyver with the stuff he got from that store before infiltrating The Mandarin's mansion is a second place favorite part.
I felt the same like Ruby when seeing any suits get destroyed in that battle of the Norco.
Favorites suits from that battle were Heartbreaker, Silver Centurion, Igor, Bones, Striker, Hammerhead and Gamma.
Igor is a heavy lifting suit and for sure the first step in the eventual creation of the Hulk Buster armor.
How can I not think that?
Loved it how before those and all the other suits engaged the bad guy Extremis users, Cinder was acting all bloodthirsty about destroying them.
I agree with those of our movie viewing audience about the president and the Iron Patriot armor he was strung up in.
I thought the reason he couldn't do anything with it before while in it was for the same reason he could not do anything while the Iron Patriot armor took him from Air Force One to Killian.
Maybe there was a reset button or something on the gauntlet Rhodes used to shoot off a repulsor blast to help free the strung up president.
Not sure the leader of the free world should risk getting into a battle with so many Extremis goons around if it could be helped even if he could work the Iron Patriot armor.
Well, good work on this chapter.
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