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for A Certain Hero’s Downfall

6/26/2021 c6 DarkMatter69
Some of them have like english names, so that rule out them being the ones effected by his misfortune back when Touma was a kid, some of them may be the aftermath of the previous magic side affairs. like you did something good but their is always something bad behind it, you can't have more positivity than negativity, both are always equal
6/26/2021 c6 Fortitude501
After this Touma would no doubt regret believing in his own words about trusting his heart after losing his memories from saving Index.

Question: does Alex knows about the Magic side or is it something he doesn't know?
6/2/2021 c5 5had0wHand
It look like Raita senpai gonna meet infamous stubbornness of Kamijou Touma and his illusion shattering skills.
Would he Raita find out about AC true purpose?
So Alex does have some knowledge about Touma . His personality and capabilities, yet he doesn't see full picture he doesn't know about magic side and probably importance of Touma in plan of a certain chairman , good .
It gonna be satisfying to hear his screams as his flesh gonna be torn .
6/1/2021 c5 7BlueJack22
I like Touma younger years he had a little more snark in his personality
6/1/2021 c5 Fortitude501
Yeah Alex action does resembles the Dark Knight Joker but then came chapter 4 when he talked to Touma and express his nightmare really shows similarities with Python from Metal Gear Solid franchise.

I think chapter 1 you gave a foreshadowing of Misaki might be endanger one day. I'm guessing she went to Seria for help.
6/1/2021 c5 6IS6A6E
So are those guys gonna have any huge play in the plot? Did Touma’s encounter with Alex even really do a thing to faze him? It doesn’t seem like it based on this chapter. I really hope you do end up doing a Touma and Mikoto pairing in the future.
5/27/2021 c4 IS6A6E
I think you've made the perfect antagonist for Touma. Alex is hitting Touma hardest by calling out that his existence is causing harm to come to others. Touma always works his hardest to ensure that no one gets hurt, but by having someone claim that he causes others pain. It could make Touma question everything about himself. I can't wait to see more.
Also again, ToumaxMikoto pairing please!
5/27/2021 c4 IS6A6E
I hope you do more work. I also really hope you do a Mikoto and Touma pairing!
5/27/2021 c3 IS6A6E
So we got his full name. Is this an original character or something. Also please do a Touma and Mikoto pairing.
5/27/2021 c2 IS6A6E

Is this the guy that stabbed Touma before he came to Academy City?
5/27/2021 c1 IS6A6E
I really hope you do a Mikoto and Touma pairing. So far this seems interesting. I love stories about revenge stories on the heroes from people of the past.
5/10/2021 c4 Guest
I'm not actually surprised Alex is one of those fanatic goons who persecuted Touma without reasons or proof due to superstitions, I bet he doesn't know Touma's dragon power.
5/10/2021 c4 DarkMatter69
Don't tell me is that this all about the people back in Toumas childhood that were affected by his misfortune and coming to AC to haunt his ass ?
5/11/2021 c4 5had0wHand
So my theory Alex is another person who probably been wronged by accidental misfortune of young Touma maybe even was freind at some point

Guess Touma found his Joker to his Batman

Does Alex posses some power similar to Imagine Breaker,Holy Right or World Rejector .
5/10/2021 c4 Fortitude501
So basically Alex is doing this job for people that were previously affected from the uncontrolled misfortune indirected from Touma during his younger years.

Am i right so far?

Or maybe because he wants to help bringing payback for the so-called souls who are actually horrible people who were stopped by Touma long ago. Man talk about holding a grudge.

Also this will be a foe unlike any other. Compared to the pathetic attempts by Othinus and her doomed goal, Alex already personally knew Touma better than anyone. So he knows where to strike first. He doesn't care if he succeeds or fail.

But after reading this chapter he's now has a mix between Heath Ledger Joker and Python from Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops.

I mean from the way he speaks about wanting to kill Touma for the desire for prayers to be answered, it is similar to how Python express his need to kill Big Boss due to the voices of the people died by their hands.

I wonder if you noticed this when writing this down.
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