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1/14 c5 1Little Buster
Heh, this seems really interesting.
Although I think Psykos made a mistake in bringing Saitama to the monsters base and offing orochi, the plan still worked out somehow with improvisation and mental gymnastics.

Maybe Psykos would genuinely fall in love with Saitama in the future, and I would love to see that.

And looks like she will have competition if DO-S and other monster girls take an interest in Saitama.
Maybe she would be protective and possessive of him, or maybe she would allow a harem relationship. Either way, it would be good.
11/13/2023 c3 7Savior16
this should get updated. Psykos as a housewife would never be disappointed.
4/27/2023 c5 Fading Light
*poke*...c'mon...write some more...*poke*

But seriously, hope this one isn't abandoned. I like the idea of "Saikos" and it has great potential.
4/4/2023 c5 Ph0enixPhant0m
Waifu Psy would not like this development~
4/4/2023 c4 Ph0enixPhant0m
Saikos for the win. But still, nothing can beat Saitama x Fubuki~ Best ship ever. Period.
3/3/2023 c5 2Xerzo LotCN
I mean if Saitama get a harem of the hot monster girl and pyskos (by breeding her so hard she fall in love not realizing her body overwrote her brain on the subconscious level) maybe some heroines lol
I'm super done for it
2/22/2023 c5 Gageel Redfox1
1/2/2023 c5 BlackPeter
This story has potential, too bad it was abandoned...
11/16/2022 c5 mizunojohnmarl
man i wish the story continues but i'm already know this story is abandoned already it's been a year the last updated the story and i have no hope this going to be updated anytime soon
11/2/2022 c5 Rednaut67
Very creative and pretty funny so far, keep up the great work
9/27/2022 c5 RandomicReader
I’m guessing this is on hiatus? Loving the story so far, curious to see how this goes!
9/24/2022 c1 Guest
7/17/2022 c5 ymora826
Very nice story. Please update soon
7/16/2022 c5 poppoptart
Damn good
6/9/2022 c4 5Mzuark
Great name
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