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6/8 c1 GinnyB
Good story line - nothing like a crisis to help you realize what/who is important in your life. Glad you gave them a chance to seize the day. Not sure Della would be that assertive with Perry.
The ending seemed rushed to a perfunctory conclusion.
6/9 c1 8N Burnham
Amended Review: I wish Michelle Weiner (another Perry Mason FF writer) was alive to read this. Della's line to Perry would have sent her over the moon. Thank you for reminding me of her and her stories.

*the messaging site doesn't work well on my phone but I sent you a message too.

Nora Burnham
6/8 c1 N Burnham
Let's find a hotel and make love? lolololololo! omg! You're killing me!

overall...very good story but this line...with Mae in earshot?
5/8 c1 3GirlCalledIronside
Had me going there, thank goodness it came good at the end! Thanks
4/16 c1 Guest
that was very good. i'm not sure della would be so forward.
4/14 c1 Guest
Good story. Thanks for sharing
4/15 c1 25CaptainChaos
So very true to tell them before it's too late. You had me going at first phew! Thanks
4/14 c1 tengland2
Nicely done. Second chance for P/D. Thanks for sharing.
4/14 c1 52shari
Sweet. We should always make sure that those we love and care about know

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