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for Ezra's New Training

5/19 c3 cachulfaian
Well... that was... pretty hot indeed. Nice job!
5/4 c3 EzBine
Love it, hoping that Sabine has Hera and Ashoka help with his training at some point. Also hoping that when it is time for the final lesson Sabine lets Ezra do whatever he wants to her.
4/30 c2 Rex Vong Thrawn
In a future chapter can the there be a threesome with Ezra,Sabine and Hera.
4/27 c1 Anonymous Noob the 2nd
Looks good if your open to a chapter idea how about Ezra Sabine and ketsu in a three some and he gets to release in both of them. Pm me with your thoughts on that please
4/27 c2 Guest
You my friend, can write a great lemon!
4/23 c1 EzBine
Interesting story, hoping that you will continue this.
4/14 c1 Anonymous Noob the 2nd

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