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for Infinity Crisis: Glimpses

5/20 c4 3Batguy01
While I haven't really watched Totally Spies and ChalkZone I did like this chapter and hopefully the spies go back in the business to help the heroes of the multiverse in the upcoming Crisis.

Tofa and keep up the good work.
5/6 c3 Batguy01
Those tween sitcoms of Nickelodeon? Odd choice, but I like your take on a world that never recovered from the Dusting.

Man that was a dark chapter.

Tofa and keep up the good work.
5/6 c3 106Michael Weyer
Wow, a darker take but intriguing turns here.
4/20 c2 Guest
Looking good so far and cant wait to see what you have in mind for this story
4/20 c2 Michael Weyer
Good work, love those old pulp era heroes and nice job working them in.
4/16 c1 Michael Weyer
Now this is intriguing...Can't wait to see more.
4/14 c1 2jb4280218
Let the journey begin.
4/14 c1 3Batguy01
Looking forward to see what you got in those glimpses.

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