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3/21 c1 2BadReader
The sillyness of the Gamer does not fit the seriousness of Game of Thrones.
Roach! I knew it!
3/14 c2 3sure I don't care
Timeline stuff is normal very ignorable in other fandoms, but in ASOIAF where the timeline of events is very crucial to the story, it becomes very hard to ignore.

You could have just made this entire story AU, made Brandon's duel with Petyr happen years earlier than it did and I would have been fine with that. But to outright say things like 'oh, it's 278, the year of the tourney of Harrenhall' just changes and confuses the timeline a lot for no apparent reason. I thought you were going to have Petyr train for years before the rebellion and that's why you moved back the timeline but apparently that is not the case. If Petyr was just going to train for a year anyway before the rebellion started, there was no point in moving back the timeline a few years. It just confuses a bunch of readers for no apparent reason.
3/9 c1 GBLplays
Very good, overall one of my favorite ASOIAF fanfics, I love Petyr's characterization, I like the OCs, I like the characterization of the secondary characters, honestly, I don't have much bad to say about it, the only thing I can think of to mention , it's how rushed the plot becomes from the middle to the end (end in the sense of last update, in this case), I didn't like how the time skip basically broke the story, a slower and more constant pace would have been much more enjoyable, especially in a Gamer fanfic, where the MC's progress data is important to the plot, a rewrite that makes the plot's pace slower and more enjoyable, and that would choose between removing the Gamer system or actually making it relevant to the story. story, it would be really good!
(After all, let's face it, from the middle to the end, the Gamer system started to appear less and less, and become less and less relevant to the story...)
Well, that's it, it's a great story, I'll probably reread it in the future, even if I intend to ignore anything after the time skip!
3/5 c23 GBLplays
I hope it doesn't happen, but I feel like Ben will end up betraying Petyr...
3/5 c3 GBLplays
Meh... I preferred the "King of Snakes"...
2/28 c29 Rononono
this turned into 'build the USA in essos' in very few chapters, and it consequently got a lot less interesting.
2/26 c40 UnknownEntity92
An amazing story, forgotten about. Always sad to see. I hope you are doing well and will return one day to complete this.
2/21 c3 3TheNightbearer
I'm really excited for this, and with the timeline not being as he remembers it, we can be surprised big time. I want to ask though, how would he have gotten King of Snakes, and what would the skill look like?
2/1 c12 sanjiv121606
Based MC
1/11 c40 daemon452
its a bummer this was abandoned.
1/11 c40 Killinq
Damn... I wish this was continued. It has been a great read. Thanks.
1/11 c38 Killinq
Sweet, I love a time skip
1/11 c35 Killinq
Damn... you had us in the second half...
1/10 c23 Killinq
Nice, I find him going to Essos more interesting than sticking it out in Westeros. Way too many enemies in Westeros at the moment. Once he builds up his armies and his strength, he can come back to Westeros. Shame about his fallen relationship with Robert though. At first I really thought he'd be Roberts hand, but then Jon Arryn came in and messed up the plot.
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