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10/13/2022 c39 Mistroz
Excellent chapter
10/13/2022 c39 SirLaze
10/12/2022 c32 Fausto Neto
And as I said in the other comment, I hope he brings revolutions, of course it's hard with so much work being a king, and his system isn't as stolen as other Gamers out there, and I understand that, I don't want him become Iron Man in two days, I just want him to bring revolutions to his society in his kingdom, which would be good kingdom building.
10/12/2022 c31 Fausto Neto
I want him to start revolutions soon, normally the guys focus on using the Gamer's power to fight, but the Gamer can also turn him into the "smartest" man that ever existed, he starts studying chemistry with the maximum level chemistry skill he's one of the greatest chemists in history, he starts studying sciences he's one of the greatest scientists, like nanotechnology he could turn society into Rex Generator, Gamer's power makes him have the potential to be insanely good at anything he does does, the only one who dictates the limits of this power is the author, besides that he still has the help of "magic", to create a technomagical society.
10/12/2022 c22 Fausto Neto
I don't really like this part, as you said and it's a sign of immaturity that you leave a woman just because she has a child from another guy, I agree, and obviously the child comes before the beginning of the relationship with her, I'm not talking about any shit like ntr here, but i would much prefer the son to be with my own genes, it's in our blood to want to pass our genes on to the next generation, not another guy's genes, but i would still treat him like a son, i would just prefer that had my blood in his veins.
10/12/2022 c39 Sir.Lockser739
I absolutely did not expect the adultery to come out in Petyrs war room. I fully expected a Dany-esque Dive into Volantis through a Slavers Bay arc. I'm so excited to see how this goes. Especially if the Sparrows pop up and start putting religious pressure on the North and a Ned that always felt it was wrong how Petyr was snubbed early on. Thank you for the update!
10/12/2022 c39 Shooter312
thanks for the update. awesome chap as always
10/12/2022 c39 LordRhyolith
Nice chapter.
My only complaint is that I can't stomach these titles. Secretary of Defense, for example. It sounds too modern. Secretary is a rather 'young' word, and I don't think it was used for government/ruling positions until recently. It's not a big deal, but I felt the need to mention it :D
I think you could have used the Westerosi stuff so that when the time comes for the protagonist to snatch that piece of land, the Westerosi people can quickly realize the meaning of the titles of the people behind Petyr.
Secretary of Maritime Duties - Master of Ships
Secretary of Defense - Master of War
Secretary of Education - Master of Studies?
Petyr - Boss Emperor of Mankind, Master of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, etc.
10/12/2022 c39 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful
10/12/2022 c39 Seruvius
Love it. Au plot, segwaying nicely back into the "real" one with some interesting changes. A blend of old and new. Well done, I look forward to seeing how this develops
10/12/2022 c39 1Van der Ay
Thanks for the update! And fun to see your character do something you didnt expect yourself.
10/12/2022 c39 1J4C00B0
I'm excited to see what's next but at the same time I'm scared, I hope you don't charge the main character too much for his victories.
10/12/2022 c39 gamberofritto
kinda turned off by petyrs s*x thoughts, why did you even put them? so random
10/12/2022 c39 Tony McNucklz
I believe with the 3 sisters, the disputed lands, Pentos, and all their relevant lands, plus the stepstones and their waters if he has those (i forget), Petyr easily has an equal or even larger territory than any single westerosi kingdom except the North, and a population that matches the Reach in numbers at least with not one or two large cities which is the max in westerosi kingdoms, but Petyr has Four large and prosperous cities plus all of the lands for population. He absolutely should have a larger population than any single westerosi kingdom, or even two put together.

Oho, now that's an interesting move by Tywin. Taking the Islands. By having them clean he can rebuild his navy and control most of the western coast, as well as be able to strike to the North or South much easier by sea.

Knowijg that Braavos means to expand, it would be in Petyr's best interests to supply Norvos and Qohor (Lorath is to geographically inconvenient) to make the fight as bloody and costly as possible for Braavos. The longer and better they can fight, the more it will weaken Braavos, as well as decrease Braavos's gains if they win by having both Norvos and Qohor also be weakened by losses. He doesn't have to send an army, just supply them to keep them in the fight as long as possible. If it lasts long enough, he won't have to be concerned that Braavos will try to expand again to either encircle Petyr or continue East because they won't have the funds or armies to keep taking territory without over extending. Plus, it will bleed the Iron Bank of funds, weakening their influence by funding the wars. Nothing saps funds and kills empires like eternal wars. And with the Iron Bank weakened, it will allow his own bank to rise in influence. No armies, no dragons, just backing Norvos and Qohor, perhaps send a few people to train up their armies a bit. It would be much less costly since it wouldn't even be Petyr trying to win, just make taking Norvos and Qohor be as costly for Braavos as possible. If it is weakened enough, he may be able to march in after and claim both later, forcing Braavos to withdraw, and eventually take Braavos as well. This would be like a 20 year plan of course. Even if he didn't try to take those lands, supporting guerrilla warfare by Norvos and Qohor after they are taken would further bleed Braavos, keep it weakened.

He can Conquer the 7 Kingdoms piece by piece after they descend into anarchy. He has several children without spouses, meaning he can bind several houses to him. Man, the chaos if Tywin turns on the crown for killing Cersei and Jaime. And perhaps Petyr will win Stannis over by giving him Storms End, he has Dorne already (nearly), The Reach can be bought with a mairrage that will inject royal blood into their main line to end talk of them only haveing stewards blood, even if they wont get a crown out of it. His dragons can break the Vale and Moat Cailin, so once he lands he can march anywhere. Assuming he lets the 7 kingdoms bleed each other for a while before he moves of course.

So many moves, so little time.
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