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10/12/2022 c39 vilgax
This will be great though i agree that this is story of mc but still Roberts pov will be interesting, no doubt about it
10/12/2022 c39 2Neoacoya1
I don't know how wise it is to start a war across an ocean while you still have enemies at your back.
Does Petyr have enough forces to conduct a successful war in Westeros while also defending his lands?

Perhaps he will make a deal with Dorne? They have ample reason to hate Tywin and are certainly no fans of Robert. If I'm remembering correctly, Ashara is from a noble house of Dorne as well. I can't see that connection going unused. (Didn't this chapter also imply that Petyr has Daenerys Targaryen?)

Oh yeah, too many strings connecting to Dorne for them to not be involved in some way.
10/12/2022 c39 borja.daconcepcion
You could have Rhaenys follow Daenerys' path and take Astapor, Meeren and Yunkai. Petyr can give her a baby Dragon in secret and with how desperate the slavers are probably because they see that they are in danger of extinction they could sell the immaculate army to her. As for why give her a dragon they can make a marriage agreement between the son of Ash and the daughter of Elia uniting the four Houses the house Baelish, Dayne, Martell, Targaryen. Doran sure is interested in his daughter and niece who are married to two of Pyter's sons. He may even take back the Old kingdom of Roynar for Arianne. I wonder if Pyter could learn water magic or give a Roynar Turtle to his children since House Dayne has close ties to the Martells.
10/12/2022 c39 sirleirbag
Boom indeed! Wham Line trope. Love it XD
10/12/2022 c39 Orangeduke38
Can you add a small paragraph explaining how the Golden Company ended up reforming and working for the Lannisters?
10/12/2022 c38 lockblock
Just found this story, really well written, can’t wait for the next chapter.
10/11/2022 c22 MattBlack
I have no problem with Petyr raising Rhaegar's bastard, but don't you find it weird that Lyanna, who hated Robert due to his whoring around and getting bastards, would go willingly with Rhaegar when he is the same...? It's Robert's fucking around she hates, but she marries another guy who isn't just already married, but ALSO fucks around? Sorry but that part of your plot is beyond messed up lol... Or infidelity is okay as long as the woman is highborn?
10/11/2022 c14 MattBlack
The eggs are also, beside the colour of weirwood trees, the colour of fire and ice lol...
10/11/2022 c38 1Bilbo10a0
Hold on how can the catspaw Dagger be lightbriger if it’s Valyrian steel. Valyrian steel wasn’t invented until the Valyrians and the long night was way before Valyria.
10/11/2022 c3 MattBlack
Umm manipulation raised to 48 and improvisation to 61 last chapter or whenever it was that he met Hoster the first time, now you say it's 43 again...?
10/10/2022 c38 Sly Kitsune Demon
Man your story is bringing me back to some of the greater fanfics I’ve read over the years, keep it up bro!
10/8/2022 c38 JediTaco
All hail Petyr The Great
10/8/2022 c17 JediTaco
It's pretty funny how your Petyr parallels Bloodraven so much
10/5/2022 c38 RuneFather
10/5/2022 c38 1ProbablySomethingSomewhere
Finally caught up and wow. This story is fun, and peytr is becoming a character i enjoy seeing from. This story definitely shifted at about chapter 20 or 21. I wasn’t a big fan of the ‘this is my son now’ with Vorian and Peytr taking the bastard of Rhaegar and i hope Ashara becomes a better character because she’s been pretty annoying so far. The dragons’ introduction was good, but Peytr did nothing to hide then which was a dumb move but whatever. Hopefully this next Arc can be as good as the first two. Loved the rise to power in Myr and fight against The other cities. Can’t wait to see where you take this.
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