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10/5/2022 c38 RuneFather
10/5/2022 c38 1ProbablySomethingSomewhere
Finally caught up and wow. This story is fun, and peytr is becoming a character i enjoy seeing from. This story definitely shifted at about chapter 20 or 21. I wasn’t a big fan of the ‘this is my son now’ with Vorian and Peytr taking the bastard of Rhaegar and i hope Ashara becomes a better character because she’s been pretty annoying so far. The dragons’ introduction was good, but Peytr did nothing to hide then which was a dumb move but whatever. Hopefully this next Arc can be as good as the first two. Loved the rise to power in Myr and fight against The other cities. Can’t wait to see where you take this.
9/30/2022 c38 Guest
He better had time in those 10 years to abduct, subjugate or befriend giants

Would be awesome if he could make some shock troopers

Imagine trained giants in armor! With literal tower shields!

And Spears that look more like pillars or ship masts

Their walking siege weapons in war too lol

Throwing boulders like they shooting hoops

With dragons in the air!
9/30/2022 c38 Guest
Kinda hope his kids inherit his gamer powers

Or at least talents and skills

That would be awesome

Hope Petyr discovers a ritual to enhance his body more like longevity or a denser body

Or maybe he’s kinda wolverine already with the wirewood around

Would be awesome if he grows a really big one at the center of his 3 cities

Like Yggdrasil big

Maybe house their homes and dragons there?
9/29/2022 c38 Guest
Robert must be really fucking jealous of all the battles he’s having lol he

And I pity the successor he would have lol

He casted a huge fuckin shadow after all

But I really hope he grinds his stats or finds a ritual or item/s to stay in his prime and become immortal

share it with his family, trusted friends and give a weaker form of immortality to his most loyal soldiers

Maybe cultivate a weir wood tree that could sprout a golden apple like idun from where the aesir gets their immortality?

Really make an Asgard/empire of man on earth

Be the god emperor of mankind that didn’t die

Side note tho

He could master any weapon right?

Would be hilarious if Petyr mastered the whip as practice for the chain whip flail thing that Trevor Belmont uses too

Really style on his enemies lol

He should really do something similar tho

Make absurd anime weapons work

Like buster swords bigger and heavier then his body

Or whip swords like from samurai X that he could disguise as a belt

Maybe weaponize garrote wire like he’s don flamingo

Oooh or keratos’ blades of chaos

Or scorpions kunai chain dart

He could probably turn it to valerian steel so it could cut down soldiers like it’s he’s cutting paper at grass

Hope he got giants tho
9/29/2022 c37 Guest
Would be cool if Petyr made some board games to sell and trade mark like risk or uno

Maybe monopoly too lol

Maybe change the name on Uno

Like One or something

Maybe he could spread some gambling casinos too for profit and a spy network

Planetos is super bland on entertainment that’s not tourneys and and whore houses

Haven’t even seen mummer plays

Maybe he could make an anthem too? I’m sure there are songs for freedom in his past life

Really stir up patriotism

Maybe make dragon force their anthem XD

he could totally make a hurdy gurdy to replicate a electric guitar sound
9/29/2022 c36 Guest
I Hope him delving into Valeria for lost technology isn’t a one time thing

Maybe he could bring his full armor and a shield too

Maybe bow and arrows too

And some food for healing

Would be great if he made valerian armor for himself, Ben and the dragons

Maybe make valerian a compound Bow and arrows for special occasions

Be a human rapid fire ballista

He would need to grind his strength stat to use the bow tho

Let him be a legendary bowman lol

Make his shots go through soldiers wearing plate armor and into the commanders head

Maybe make some special trick arrows with wild fire bombs or arrows with wings to make curved shots to dodge obstacles

With the gamer system nothing is impossible!

Ya just gotta grind like hell for it
9/29/2022 c34 Guest
Would be cool if Petyr made cannons and bombs launched on ballista for his navy and army

Really be the dominating force in the sea

Then he could dominate land, sea and air

He could even be even safer if he made wild fire bomb drops for his dragons

Like a whole sack of them on the ballista and stuff

Armor too

Like the armor saphira wore that protects all of her like a second set of scales since it’s so articulate

It could be made to not stop bolts but to parry them

Maybe Petyr could add a claw like appendage that has a wild fire boulder bomb like the fire nation has on avatar

He would need to fly back to reload tho

And the dragons would need to practice how to aim and do front, back, left, right 180 spins for power shots and maybe some tail flicks for normal shots

Really tho will the armies march to fight 2 dragons and the true conquerer of Westeros who practically gave them kings landing? XD
9/29/2022 c33 Guest
Yeah he’s basically Pete’s brother at this point

Although Pete’s back to back successes and being along the ride would be a booster lol
9/27/2022 c38 Guest
Surprised you haven't made him have more kids like a daughter and named her after Ellia or something
9/26/2022 c38 TrumpasaurusRex
Nice choice for a time skip. Every chapter is still riveting. Good work.
9/26/2022 c38 2Idon'tlikepeople.alot
Oh bravo, love the ending! But ummm it’s been a while since I read this so maybe give a short explanation at the beginning about who the kids are again? Kinda forgot the minor characters to be honest, but bravo! Great job! Can’t wait for the next chapter!
9/23/2022 c38 Gnormann
I like the 1st person POV for Petyr and 3rd person POV for others. 1st person POV for multiple characters breaks immersion
9/23/2022 c38 EP
9/23/2022 c38 Guest
Love the time skip. Super fun! Thank you for the chapter!
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