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11/28/2023 c15 kageknuser2710
Epic chapter. Hands down - awesome fight!
11/28/2023 c9 kageknuser2710
Saw the opportunity for a great story? This dude is dumb as heck. Performing Blood Magic in front of knights anointed by the Septons and Septas of The Seven is probably the dumbest thing I have ever read hahahaha
11/5/2023 c40 misty103
Love it please update
10/27/2023 c40 ScientistXXXX
This fics was a huge down the drain for my time

What both noreadnolife382 said in dec 1 2022 and MadYak said in dec 13 2022 hours of my life wasted
10/22/2023 c40 Guest
gods, there are so many ignorant bastards here who really are misogynic and think adoption becomes cuckoldry, or that you can't love someone you adopted when you raise them. just disgusting blood supremacists on the internet, because that's what you people are
10/22/2023 c40 Guest
do you ever plan to update this again? it was so good I even paid for your patreon and you didn't deliver
10/21/2023 c40 juanperez299992
interesting and original
10/17/2023 c23 Mr-Luca-Wolf
I hope voltis won’t be a ass
10/16/2023 c1 NICK HURR
Shit story, kill yourself
10/16/2023 c1 NICK HURR
Shit story, kill yourself
10/10/2023 c10 mannersmakesaman2002
*face palm, he could have easily said and lied that he observed that blood was required for a weirwood tree, due to him witnessing it, that also explain how his ribs healed when he was near that tree, to even convince them he could connect it to blood magic being vital to any magic in this world.
he could have said that, than make up and force his made up narrative about "dreams" bs he had, to explain as to why a seed suddenly grown into a full tree when it was bathed with blood of dying man.
10/1/2023 c22 Virtuosso
This is why I hate many authors. If you have a fetish to be cuckolded, don't project that to the readers who hate it. If there was a tag, I wouldn't have wasted my time reading this. The mc is a pure beta and let's people walk over him, we can still read past that. But taking anothers man's bastard and making him legitimized as your own, that's some next level beta shit! Totally ruined your own story !
9/26/2023 c22 Gaa
Peter acts like he is really 12, instead of the older soul he is supposed to be. All those ill thought out decisions, like any of this is a surprise..It would have been strange, had the Westerosi nobility not reacted like this..
9/14/2023 c22 Guy
Making the another man's bastard son his heir is the definition of cuckoldry. I could overlook marrying her, and hiding the bastard, or if it was a girl - but this is just pathetic and weak.
9/13/2023 c40 jonathanabney303
Big sad that there is no more...
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