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9/7/2022 c37 LeoniLiponscovi2
Awesome fic!
9/7/2022 c37 Mistroz
Excellent chapter
9/7/2022 c37 6Black Magic99
did davos just get himself a wife? you were too descriptive and gave her just enough character moments to warrant a return of some kind
9/7/2022 c37 SvenTheDecoy
also, are they still called the disputed lands now that Petyr controls Myr, Tyrosh, and Lys?
9/7/2022 c37 SvenTheDecoy
i thought the three sisters were those little islands north of the vale?
9/7/2022 c37 gamberofritto
I was kinda expecting more stuff I guess, the chapter felt really short, still good quality tho, good stuff
9/7/2022 c37 Benny Farr
Well, Petyr's got another city under his control, he reunited with Ashara, and Robert got delayed, and other stuff is happening, good.
9/7/2022 c37 Tony McNucklz
I don't think it was until after the first child was stillborn that Cersei and Robert really took a turn for the loathing. I think it was an unhappy union at first, but not what we saw in over a decade when canon started. If they had started there, I'm pretty sure one would've been dead well before canon start.

I don't think Davos would be suited for rule. At least not so early in his life. He lacks the longer experience he had before he was ever hand, and managing a loyal navy is far different than navigating the waters of teaching slaves to be self sufficient, to earn and wisely spend pay where before board and food were provided by their masters. Plus handling all the nobles and merchants and laws etc etc. I'm just sceptical that Davos would be able to handle this right now, especially since with the magisters disbanded or else removed from meaningful power, he has no administration to take over, he has to create one, fund it, create and define the positions and their authority/responsibility, and then of course fill said positions. I can't picture Davos being able to do all that now. This felt more like you had a short list of named characters available, so Davos was chosen. Just because someone is a loyal friend doesn't make them capable enough to be the leader of a city-state.
9/7/2022 c37 Hadrian.Caeser
He has a pretty big kingdom now. it contains hundreds of thousands of Valyrians and who knows how many wearwoods there are by now. That alone might jump start magic soon
9/7/2022 c37 1Joe Lawyer
I was surprised to learn that Robert was planning on invading Myr. I'm curious if he'll still go through with it considering the Greyjoys will destroy large parts of his fleet in the conflict. Those ships would have been vital to an invasion of Essos.

The Rebellion will also result in many deaths of the various troops under his command and the loss of vital equipment that would undoubtedly have been needed to invade Myr. And that is ignoring how the various Lords will likely be reluctant to engage in another long campaign in Essos immediately after the Rebellion ends.

Westeros is going to be weakened for a while because of it. Robert could push ahead and force his Lords to support the invasion, but that might make them an easier opponent for Myr. If he waits, though, Myr and Petyr will have time to rebuild and regain their strength, to prepare for an invasion.

Crazy stuff. If I were Robert, I'd abandon plans to invade Myr and accept the new status quo. I'd swallow my pride. Send diplomats and establish good relations and trade and hope that Petyr lets go of old transgressions to ensure that his new kingdom prospers.
9/7/2022 c37 1Van der Ay
Thanks for the update!
9/7/2022 c37 kageknuser2710
Aaaaarrreghhh the reunion was too short! I've been waiting for it since the chapter where I thought he was going to get cucked. I really hope the next chapter shows us some more of their emotions. I really want the air between them to be cleared.
9/7/2022 c37 3doRodrigo
Loved the chapter. Yep, Lys was predictable. Great to have Davos receive his just rewards. With the amount of people in Essos creating a huge Imperial Army is very feasible. It would be very funny to have a huge army receive the Baratheon army when the time comes only for the Baratheon army to know that the huge army is just a garrison... Keep up the great work.
9/6/2022 c36 slicedtoad
Just binged this, it was quite enjoyable.
I like what you've done with the pacing, there aren't really any slow parts. And while I wouldn't mind some slower building/politics arcs, the way you've done things is working great. You're also not afraid to skip over tedium.
I was concerned with Ashara not being a realised character, but it looks like her upcoming parts will fix that.

Initially, I was slightly upset that this wouldn't be following the standard mould of Gamer-fics where the MC succeeds in all or most of his goals without anything more than short setbacks. Objectively, these are probably bad writing, but fanfic is about indulging one's preferred tropes. However, despite initial disappointment, I've come to appreciate what you've done.

Instead of overdoing the 'flawed protagonist' in the way many authors do (turning the story into painful slog), you've successfully created an OP protagonist who still suffers from consequences. It’s not that he fails; it’s his goals that are sometimes ill-considered and the consequences aren’t handwaved. The fact that, even with how disastrous his time in Westeros was, he just turned around and build himself a different kingdom really softened the blow.

I also really like the bulldozer feel that he has. He turns his attention to something and makes it his bitch. Martial, political, economic, doesn’t matter. It shows the absolute terror that a gamer should be, even with the downright subtle variant that you wrote. To be honest, your choice of gamer system is perfect for this fic. Many authors screw up and pick a gamer system that makes the story worse instead of better.

It's not perfect. The first blood sacrifice was slightly idiot-balled. Not fic-breaking, but I would have expected him to have known how badly that would go (even if the tree didn’t grow, it still would have been nearly as bad) and poor impulse control doesn’t quite explain it. Robert’s characterization also went from strong to kinda weak because his betrayal didn’t feel fully justified. It was almost justified, but not quite (less about the facts and more how it was written). I also think you made John Arryn a bit too zealotty. I’d expect him to be more reserved and his reaction to the old god’s stuff is overdone given that the Starks don’t worship the Seven. A character like that isn’t impossible, but it doesn’t quite fit John Arryn.

As for the last chapter, I’m hoping that he goes back to Valeria to learn their secrets. It’d be disappointing if he just stopped because it became dangerous. Otherwise, I think you handled that well.

Anyway, thanks for writing, I’m enjoying the fic a lot.
9/5/2022 c2 11Shin'tet
I have a soft spot for snakes, but skinchanger is probably the best option if he’s able to acquire it.
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