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9/5/2023 c40 aSleepyPenguin
Other than Baelishs wife having been in a thing beforehand, I enjoyed the story.
9/5/2023 c29 aSleepyPenguin
Damn this author is dumb. Good start, fell quick though with the feminism.
9/5/2023 c22 aSleepyPenguin
Author, you've been conditioned.
9/5/2023 c11 aSleepyPenguin
Concrete! You making the Roman Empire! Going to make a really old city if you do this.
9/4/2023 c3 Vetrova
boring path...
8/30/2023 c40 nNm71
I binged this. Nice writing style and an interesting path for the character. Emotions and little mistakes with a bug impact.
8/30/2023 c21 Firenze101
I don't like it. First of all I'd like to state that the writing style is great but personally the last scene really makes me want to punch something. You want to marry a woman you never met? Okay go ahead and seduce her make her yours. You want to marry a woman who likely loves someone else? Now I take a step back and look at you strangely. You want to marry a woman who likes someone else while raising that someone else's child as your own. Well if it walks like a cuck talks like a cuck and looks like a cuck it most likely is a fucking cuck
8/15/2023 c4 Guest
Such a lame development
8/12/2023 c37 commandergree702
being a dornish woman it's kinda surprising she hasn't messed around behind his back or right in his face with their open culture.
8/9/2023 c40 1Masteria
I recently found this story. I am glad I did. Didn't think anyone would write a story as Baelish. Very well done!
8/1/2023 c1 Gear master
You’re gonna get back to the story like ever
7/22/2023 c40 Guest
Bloody fantastic piece of work. When will it continue?
7/5/2023 c21 harry uzumaki
It has been an amazing story so far but you just lost me here in this chapter.
Good luck for the future!
6/24/2023 c35 Fachi
Well I read ahead and the Ashara conflict goes nowhere, so ill assume that she was not sleeping with that guard. I doubt you read these anymore, its mostly for the readers like me who saw this and immediately went to the review section.

Though now that I reread it I feel like you changed your mind and discontinued that plot thread, half of me wishes you didn't (the relationship went nowhere and was quickly souring, I expected a drastic change, not a gloss over), that part with the whole "I realized" part made it seem definite and it was definitely written that way for a reason; and considering that its never addressed I will have to assume that your dropped it.
6/21/2023 c1 gUEST
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