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6/7/2023 c40 Guest
Great beginning that devolved into complete shit. Not worth following
6/7/2023 c40 Ruby Boule
An excellent story. I enjoyed my time reading it. Even if it has been abandoned (though there's also the possibility that the "generous benefactors" patronizing the work keep voting for the other stories to update instead) I think this was a decent place for it to do so. Acts 1, 2, and 3 tie up neatly as a self-contained "Book 1" with a few teaser chapters for a possible Book 2.

This was a fun story with engaging characters and I'm glad I spent my time reading it. I'll certainly be checking out the author's other works after this.
5/16/2023 c40 mehran1374
another dead story shame
5/14/2023 c3 2000str
lame easy mode with a system to make immersion break, not worth reading this
4/30/2023 c1 55555gosha
"Gamers mind isn't a thing"
Thank god
4/26/2023 c40 M2R
well interesting okay. despite the stupidity he had done and some mistakes, things are going well. i read this fic in the past and stopped reading after petyr got found out with magic.
4/26/2023 c29 M2R
the stupidity i mean is trying to enforce what works in modern society to medieval or whatever the time society that is not fully equipped for it.
4/26/2023 c29 M2R
this petry baelish is clearly depicts the stupidity of a modern man. trying to change something in instant without being prepared enough to face the consequences. so far, he has never learned from his mistakes.
4/25/2023 c6 blooddynasty
so that's a no on him stopping to act like a Moron
4/25/2023 c4 blooddynasty
hopefully he stops being hilariously moronic sometime soon
4/25/2023 c2 blooddynasty
stop talking out loudm for the love of god
4/22/2023 c1 Guest
Terrible story has a cuck protagonist
4/18/2023 c9 Antianti12
Now i remember trying to read this before but didn't remember why i stopped, maybe its the talk of the industrial revolution i hope he doesn't try that it would be a shame to stop reading again.
4/14/2023 c40 Guest
His Greenseer king title/perk could probably help in taming the people beyond the wall right?! He could help them settle in his lands for the right price and maybe they'd be okay with him if they even knew a third of his achievements
4/14/2023 c8 Guest
Truthfully tho maybe it could've gone differently if he explained his side to Robert properly with his manipulation, lying, improv skill at full force and just attribute it to a blessing of the old gods after his near death experience with Brandon, still carving his own place and setting up his kingdom at the three sisters is still a great move after everything else falls apart
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