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2/9/2023 c10 Invictus602
Great beginning and then teeters off to abysmal. The mc constantly has introspections which he says one thing but then does the opposite and can’t understand why things aren’t going right for him. Honestly it just feels like the author was just trying to cook up drama for dramas sake and does it poorly. After the latest greenseering catastrophe where he meant to impress his people but instead outted himself to believers of the 7 and subsequent revealing of said abilities to the world(dumb) this fic is trash
2/7/2023 c40 Guest
First of all I would like to say that overall I quite liked this story it knows a decent amount of the source material, has an interesting take on the Gamer powers that I think integrate with the world pretty well, making the MC very powerful but not without threats and the writing and grammar is mostly consistent.

The only thing I do agree with on terms of some of the complaints I've seen is the MCs morality. Specifically how flippant he seems especially for someone from our time, the more recent things in his kingdom aren't to bad if he is going for the "greater good" angle where he believes that letting a few thousand or even tens of thousands of people die in order to end slavery in the short term, in the mid-term improve the quality of life and rapidly advance technological and cultural advancement of society in the long term. That can make sense.

However the whole early war segments where he was emotionally hurting and sleeping with people he shouldn't be for no discernable reason other than ego showing a lack of respect for his fellow humans and discipline was pretty bad, worse considering he was in a 13 year olds body. It was briefly mentioned he wouldn't do again it but I feel like it really should have been gone through more in order to demonstrate character growth, maybe see him teaching his sons some modern values about self control or human rights and such, mentioning his own short-comings in the past.

Now as for the majority of complaints I've seen they are just baffling, even ignoring the guy who was trying to justify slavery. The most common whining being about the MC raising the 18 month year old who wasn't his biologically. The amount of complaints about that just stank of insecurity and was really confusing like people understand this is pretty much an infant right? As far as that kid and everyone else will be concerned given the MC is the new father of dragons, that essentially is his child. Its like these people don't understand the concept of adoption are superman's parents "betas" because they raised a child who they didn't create, you would think with how common the story troupe of "you were there for me and raised me so you're my real parents" is people wouldn't find this so weird. I'm sure it might be if you're weighing your ego by medival standards but this is someone from today, someone who needed heirs and a wife of noble birth that would be loyal to him but has limited options it was literally the most obvious choice. On top of this it's like people forget that the MCs whole start in this life was paid for by someone who wasn't his father being kind to him and paying for him.

The other thing was people complaining about choosing the greenseer ability instead of something like the basilisk, which once again was essentially his only option, also basilisks are basically flightless dragons... Also the ability to spy on people and the past better than modern archaeologists and the CIA is extremely powerful, economicly, politically and definitely martially its like people completely forgot about how much radars and the ability to crack encryptions did in WW2, which is weird given how much respect spy masters can garner in game of thrones. Seriously its visible later on that greenseer abilities come in just as useful in war as fully grown dragons do. Not to mention it was once again the only available option for him.

The people making those complaints just come off as people who wanted a crappy power trip story that they can self insert into to have their ego stroked whining. Or an actual klan member in the case of Mr Pro slavery.
2/8/2023 c29 Trevion1 Brownlee
So if you want to call him stupid or that his laws are dumb go ahead but don’t say you respect him and you will blindly follow him for his ideals if you won’t take what comes with those ideals he wants everyone to have a choice and everyone to have free will meaning there will always be a chance of rebellion the only way that won’t happen is if he is either the perfect king leader or whatever or he rules everything with an iron fist and no one can step out of line which he does not want to be neither do you want him to be that because he would just be another Mad king
2/8/2023 c29 Trevion1 Brownlee
I feel like she’s kind of stupid yeah he wears the Crown but he can’t put these laws into affect without wearing a crown because the people on top will never want to give up the power they have so him being on top gives him the power to change the whole system starting with him which is what he’s doing and the whole thing about women being a slave to their husbands what could he have done to stop that they were riots now they would be outright rebellions if he said marriage is equal between husband and wife especially with most religions except like the religion of the Lord of light but like literally every other one would rebel but she calls him a hypocrite and that he has hypocrisy yes it’s hypocrisy but if you followed all of his ethics to a point none of them would take affect yes to slowly enact each one otherwise all of his hard work will be thrown out the window he can either be the king of A unhappy but lawful and good kingdom or the president or senator of the ashes because he would have to burn kill or execute tens of thousands if not more because of rebellions because of the laws he wants to enact
2/5/2023 c34 Aetherium21
Wow the dragon bond has changed Ben a great deal
2/5/2023 c40 3Lostinfantry
Very interesting story. Hoping it gets an update.
2/4/2023 c40 Spacemonkey777
Great story, perfect characters. Amazing battles and nice time skip. Also, I'd love to see some more of what happened to the United Lands Kingdom or whatever its called and DRAGONS! How big are the original two? They must be Black Dread level based on the speed of their growth and the fact that they are almost 11 years old! sub and fav!
2/3/2023 c3 Lypros Melfdan
Dissapointing... he could have had a basilisks and he choose to get the ability to have access to futur knowledge he already know... really hard to not drop at this since one stupid decision is always followed by counteless othets.
1/31/2023 c40 Baelorfan
I read this all at one go.

I knew that "High as Honor" Jon Arryn was going to stab Petyr Baelish in the back. He used "honor" as an excuse to chest Baelish out of his dues in Gulltown. He used Baelish's powers from the weirwoods to let his vassal win all the major battles, then take over command to make himself out to be the brilliant tactician.

I don't see the Tully armies doing anything much. Hoster Tully's grip on the Riverlands has weakened.

Robert Baratheon showed no loyalty, no gratitude towards Petyr who is unfortunately an outsider in Westerosi society. Unrelated by blood or marriage to any House, and the Stormlands nobles at least jealous of his many successes. His ties to House Tully were severely weakened by Brynden repudiating his former charge.

I don't know who Lysa Tully married but I hope that Jon Arryn gets poisoned once again. Perhaps really by Cersei or Pycelle.

I am surprised that the North is silent when Petyr Baelish is accused of blood magic and using weirwoods. But Ned Stark is a hypocrite in his own way.

It is surprising though that not a single Northerner visits the Great Weirwood Forest of Myr, that no Manderley ship carries on regular runs between White Harbor and Myr. I suppose they buy Myrish goods from Braavos or Pentos.
1/29/2023 c1 Lucas Vieira Costa
I... I didn't even read the story yet and this section is already filled with people talking about how Beta the MC is or how much of a lovestruck simp he became... And sincerely people. If a story is good for you, read, if it is not give some constructive criticism from your point of view or just don't read. Seriously, have some common decency. Also, one comment said how much of a beta the MC is for raising a child not his own and while I find the idea just as wrong, leaving a child to feed for himself is not what I would call a Alpha move. There's more than one way to resolve the situation without having to raise the child and still being a decent human being and you could have pointed it out to the author instead of wasting words and writing something out of some cultural insecurity. Because, let's be sincere? If you care about words such as Alpha and Beta being throw your way by people who don't deserve more than a passing glance, then... That's really sad way to live.
1/27/2023 c11 Lord Of Domination
ugh, don't make MC a lovestruck simp please, I'm fed up with wimpy authors who need to turn everything into some pathetic love story.
1/27/2023 c9 Lord Of Domination
"a little man with a little cock" this description fits MC so well.

he hasn't banged a single chick yet, but he's been peeping on others fucking. its pathetic
1/21/2023 c40 Aetherium21
Absolutely love this story, it’s such a wonderful time checking on it after months and diving back into it! Thanks so much for sharing
1/21/2023 c21 Silent Namikaze
Bro is going to raise a bastard
1/20/2023 c29 jotunnate
Freeing the slaves was only good for moving forward innovation because the north already surpassed the south's productivity. Assuming the SI is from the United States, and the slaves are the equivalent of our former slave population, the best way to think of them is "outdated farm equipment". This analogy is extremely helpful for understanding why the north still wanted to get rid of them all, and why in modern society there is a large inequality of outcome.
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