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1/20/2023 c27 jotunnate
Even today the "liberated slave population" does nothing to contribute to the United states outside of fiscal debt and crime. All estimates show they are actually a net negative, due to not contributing enough on average to cover the average United states citizens tax usage (paving roads, police, welfare and entitlements, etc). You are speaking of how 1/3 of the population in the city is a citizen and that's THE problem, but in modern times removing the descendants of United States slavery would actually result in a net positive in terms of fiscal impact. This is mathematics, not waycism so please don't ban me.

The only situation your chapter would derive an example from the Self Insert's previous history would be if the SI's fictional America enslaved Europeans or Asians. Otherwise, the comparison would be inaccurate and actually a detriment.
1/20/2023 c26 jotunnate
Being a slave of an unintelligent species is far less as bad as being a minimum wage or even lower middle class. In the United States, at least. Our slaves had it realllllly good.
1/20/2023 c25 jotunnate
Abe Lincoln planned to send them all back to Africa. The civil war wasn't about slavery.
1/20/2023 c22 jotunnate
Cuck, there more to life than money. Go lookup the definition again, no respectable man would raise a child not of his own. That's cuckoldry and beta
1/18/2023 c1 Yamiko
I would have really liked to see him speaking to snakes and controlling basiliks, lile you could have made something so unique with that, and the fact that he could gain "Father of dragon" prove that he could unlock the other powers through other means, and the first time at the weirwood was Just "free" he could have tried to Hatch chicken egg with à toad after dropping his blood on both, since bloof is important in this world. Its really the only problem i have with the story, its just really perfect and well written
1/18/2023 c1 Guest
I cannot express how much I love this story. This is probably one of the Best Asoiaf fanfic I have read. The battles are captivating, the politicing is so untertaining to read and the charachters in general feel all so alive. I love your MC who is obviously deep inside a good man who has been hardened by this cruel medieval world. Still Hé makes the rights choices, saving a woman from depression by offering hope, giving a young boy a father, freeing slaves. I feel like I would make rhe same choices if I had the same oportunities in such a fucked up world.

I am not surpprised to see so many react in such an immature way at the idea of a man taking care of another's son. Obviously some poeple don't understand that children are tresures, I'm they would not ever think of adopting an orphan because they are pieces of shit who think manly man are alpha man who throw their seed left and right into evry women they find up to their standard. Must be à pretty lonely life I think with such a mindset, no self respecting woman would want to be with someone like that xD.
Also i liked that you took the time to show that even If he raises thr child as his own, he still want children of his blood and something primal inside him is satisfied when he learns about it.

Great take on the gamer powers, I just felt deeply unsatisfied about the poker he choose
1/19/2023 c22 montykinomovie
holy shit this story has gone downhill
1/15/2023 c40 Thekingofpwn
Amazing story and writing just like all your other works. Can't wait to see more!
1/7/2023 c35 Badgerfrog
It came across as Ashara killing the guy she was sleeping with to cover it up. Not sure if that was intended, but that's how it read.
1/3/2023 c12 Guest
I stop here, no way to continue, the story has become incandescent and boring, the MC makes stupid decision after stupid decision and tries to justify it. The author wants drama but doesn't know how to write it so every fucking chapter has drama shit totally useless, why everyone should know he is a greeenseer, this ability works better in fucking secrecy, especially in the middle of andals. He has no northern blood in him, why grow a tree in front of dozens of people, and give the seven a weapon to wield against the trees because it is with blood that it grows, Honestly it's total shit
1/2/2023 c40 jsmythiee
When you just want to know who the mystery kids are, but you just read the last chapter, the frustration is real lol
1/2/2023 c40 Marlonwilliams242
Plz come back
12/27/2022 c22 Guest
“So she has a kid… so what? That's what any respectable man would do in our universe after all. If you are unwilling to be with a woman because she has had a child before your relationship that shows immaturity to me. Kids are a blessing to the world and the future of our race. We should want all children the best and to succeed…. (We are literally biologically wired to think this way.)“

You’re immature…
Majority of respectable men would not do this

Literally biologically wired lmao no. Wired to want YOUR OWN progeny to succeed. Literally biologically does nothing for you if a child that has none of your dna succeeds and at worst takes resources from your progeny which is anti biology. Learn to science one time bruh
12/27/2022 c22 Guest
Lmfao bro why do you come out defending it so hard. It makes you sound like a huge pussy that doesn’t understand society

Why would any guy want to raise someone else’s kid if he didn’t have to. Sure they can come to love them but you’d have to force yourself because you love the woman so much. It’s clearly not the ideal choice. If you’re a lord with as much power as the mc no way he does that. Even if he has to marry ashara for some political advantage, it would be dumb as fuck to legitimize someone that’s not his child.

You’re wrong in this one mate
12/29/2022 c40 2HPMARIE
love this story!
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