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6/8 c1 Guest
Its interesting, but I feel that it doesnt need the reincarnation into a video game universe thing. It feels uneccessary and quite frankly overdone. The idea of an Eliksni being reincarnated is otherwise a very cool concept.
5/26 c3 Waterflames3
I’m betting all my glimmer that it’s the trickster
5/15 c2 theultimateknight mk 2
SO I just found out that while Fallen do eat ethier thats only partinolly true its like a hormones that allows them to evolve into their final form which is the captins and due to an either shortage they are stunted growths
4/28 c1 Brother Bov
beautiful, this feels like a good story.
4/27 c2 2SaintNick91
With four arms he can quad wield Dregs Promise
4/27 c2 3S0UL SURVIVOR
Not a bad second chapter, Not bad
By God, this is pretty good so far! i can't wait for the next update, and will this follow the Events of D1 and D2?

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