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4/16 c1 RudraRasengan
What did you hate about the ending that Eren is showing emotions
or that he died?
4/15 c1 Guest
I like it, maybe if it develops better, I would love to see when Eren came back with Historia
though it doesn't make sense that all Eldians can transform; It would be better if only the colossal ones disappeared.
4/15 c1 Guest
Bro even though i hate the ending as much as you do, i have to admit that this ending doesn't sound good. A reworked version of this that is longer and removed some parts like the Titan Powers still being available would do wonders.
4/15 c1 4Shinra0
No hate but I prefer the original ending
4/15 c1 itszak
your ending is shit. obviously it’s less developed but even the most general of comparisons would show that this makes no fucking sense
4/14 c1 Crescent cut 101
You can turn this into a sequel you know like 5 chapter long
4/14 c1 139AkumaKami64
Honestly, kind of like this but wish it was longer. Really liked the touch that eldians now all have shifting powers now. Though, in context, it really doesn't make sense in this story why Eren ever said he hated Mikasa when he probably could have won her over extremely easily.
4/14 c1 6Jebest4781
you should remember that there is a part 2 coming out... sad to say we don't know when it'll really come out like early 2022 or late 2022

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